14 Delicious Wedding Dessert Ideas; No Cake Included

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Indulging in delicious samples of wedding cake is one of the fun parts of wedding planning, but why stop at cake? The rising popularity of other wedding desserts gives couples a chance to share favorite treats with their guests, plus enjoy more tasty sampling. Whether you want a traditional wedding cake with an additional treat on the side or want to skip the cake altogether, here are 14 dessert ideas that are sure to be a hit at your wedding.

1. A Chocolate Dessert Fountain

Beautiful, impressive, and fun, what's not to love about a chocolate fountain? Sure, they can get a little messy sometimes, but that's part of the charm. Pile chunks of fresh fruit, cookies, cubes of cake or brownies, pretzels, bacon, and other treats for dipping in an attractive display around the fountain. Be sure to provide napkins and toothpicks to help wedding guests keep their fingers clean.

2. Waffle Sundaes

Breakfast food and dessert rolled into one that's a sure crowd-pleaser, waffle sundaes are a fun and delicious treat. Offer different combinations of ice cream flavors and toppings so guests can choose their favorite.

3. Mini Pies

Pie is a delicious addition to a wedding reception, and mini pies are ideal because they are cute and easy to eat. Try a handheld version or pie-on-a-stick for a fun wedding dessert. One of the nice things about pie is that you can have a few different flavors. With mini pies, guests can indulge in more than one kind.

4. Berry Parfaits

Fruit and yogurt parfaits look beautiful in stemmed glassware and offer a refreshing treat. These are an excellent option for a brunch reception, but work well any time of day. Add pretty cookie sticks and a drizzle of fruit or chocolate sauce to dress them up.

5. Doughnuts

Another favorite breakfast treat that goes over well no matter when you serve them, doughnuts are an ideal dessert option. Have fun creating a doughnut display by stacking them in tiers like a wedding cake, mounding them in decadent piles, or designing your unique presentation.

6. Milk and Cookies

Tasty cookies and cold milk are a classic combination, one your guests are sure to enjoy. Serve one or two traditional favorites, like chocolate chip and peanut butter, or offer a variety of choices including some unusual flavors that you and your partner enjoy.

7. S'mores

The classic campfire treat is a great addition to a wedding reception. Have beautifully crafted s'mores for guests to enjoy or set up a s'more bar where they can create their own. Include fun ingredients that let guests personalize their treat, like cookie butter, peppermint patties, salted caramels, and candied bacon.

8. Cheesecake

For a rich, decadent option, consider cheesecake. This delicious dessert is available in many flavors and sizes. Serve slices from full-size cheesecakes at a dessert table or give each table of guests a separate cheesecake. Mini cheesecakes are also a great option that allows guests to grab their favorite flavor.

9. Chocolate-Dipped Figs

Figs dipped in chocolate are an elegant wedding dessert option; infuse them with brandy for an adult-friendly treat. Other chocolate-dipped fruit, like strawberries, also make delightful wedding treats.

10. Custard Dessert Cups

For a simple, but lovely, dessert, try small cups of custard with decorative piping of whipped cream on top and a sprinkle of shaved chocolate or another topping. Choose a few different flavors, like vanilla bean, espresso, and chocolate.

11. Dessert Bars

An assortment of bars makes a lovely and tasty display at a wedding reception. Lemon bars, brownies, cookie bars, and more make great finger foods that guests enjoy.

12. Milkshakes

Ideal for summer weddings, milkshakes are a wonderful dessert. Set up a milkshake station where guests can choose their flavor combinations or have attendants pass out the frothy treat. Add decorative straws or small candies to the top for a more personal touch.

13. Cinnamon Rolls

Stack cinnamon rolls into a tiered cake shape for a great brunch dessert option. Sweet, spicy, and full of flavor, cinnamon rolls are a great treat. Stick with the classic roll or branch out with something a little different like caramel, hazelnut, raisin, or coconut.

14. Mini Fruit Tarts

Fresh fruit piled on a mini tart shell spread with a creamy filling is lovely and delicious. This option is fantastic during summer when fresh fruit like berries and peaches are at their peak. Go for mini tarts, which are easier to serve and look great.

Give your wedding reception a creative twist by including a dessert that isn't cake. Try one of these fun, tasty options for a wedding dessert that's sure to please.

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