4 Delicious Ways to Use Edible Flowers in Your Wedding

Using edible flowers in a cocktail

What traditional wedding decoration can you actually serve to your guests? Using edible flowers is now trending in modern weddings because they bring floral beauty into wedding foods. It's the perfect combination for a magical day. Here are four ways you can use edible flowers in your wedding.

Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour is a favorite time for many guests. It's a chance to sip and celebrate while the wedding party takes pictures or regroups for the reception. Many of today's couples are serving a signature cocktail that goes along with the theme of the wedding or celebrates something special in their lives.

Edible flowers can make your signature cocktail something especially pretty and memorable. Use pansies to bring a burst of color to a fun cocktail. Fresh jasmine can be used in a more elegant drink. You can even put edible flowers into a Jello shot for a casual affair.

Talk to your caterer about infusing florals into drinks as well. Rosewater, lilac syrup, and lavender are all great choices. For non-drinkers, offer a jug of water with fruit and flowers floating inside.

Appetizers Featuring Edible Flowers

There are literally hundreds of appetizers that can be made with edible flowers. If you are having waitstaff bring appetizer trays around to your reception guests, choose some wonderful appetizers that feature florals.

Think about a bite-size crostini with goat cheese, jam, and fresh violas. Or use squash blossoms to dress up a hand-held taco. Salads offer lots of flexibility and can use all kinds of pretty flowers from dandelions to nasturtium.

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Garnished Entrée and Side Dishes

Talk to your caterer about dressing up your main dishes and vegetables with the addition of fresh, edible flowers. Try dianthus or marigolds mixed in with veggies like green beans or asparagus. Lavender blossoms are beautiful on steak, and hibiscus goes perfectly with grilled fish.

Cake and Dessert Infused Flavors

Your dessert table is where edible flowers can truly take center stage. Start by sending a cascade of lilies or mums down the layers for a dramatic statement. Lavender and chamomile are popular flavors for infusing the cake itself.

If you are serving sweets along with the cake, you'll have an array of floral choices. Candied rose petals are sweet on cupcakes. Also try freezing pansies into popsicles.

Whether your wedding is a casual get-together, a formal evening affair, or a garden party, edible flowers are a detail that will elevate your food and drink offerings. Talk to your caterer and bartender about your options, and your guests will be wowed by the look and the taste of their food.

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