18 Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Love to Cook

wedding gifts for couples who love food

Looking for the perfect wedding gift for couples who are foodie, cooks, or connoisseurs? Here are several to choose from--from fun to basic and for any level of cooking skill. You might even find yourself snagging something irresistible for yourself.



These are things every kitchen needs, whether you're a chef, beginner, or somewhere in-between.

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Knife Sharpener

Keep your chef ready for anything. This item is a must for beginners to professionals to keep their knives honed for any task.

Elegant and functional, your chef will want to display all their favorite flavors in easily refillable spice bottles. You can even include bottles that have the spice's name etched on them, so even an unseasoned chef can find what they need.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Easy to read and registering the temperature of any roast in just seconds, a thermometer will guarantee you never under- or over-cook meats again. You can even make special orders to fit every guest's taste.

Pan Organizer

Help your couple stay organized by keeping their favorite pans within easy reach. This space-saver helps store pans more efficiently to keep counters and cabinets clear of the usual heap of cookware.

Cutting Board with Food Drawers

Slicing and dicing on this cutting board makes for quick transfer from prep station to stove. Easily sweep ingredients or scraps into two separate containers that are attached, then store them right inside the cutting board.

Instant Pot

Yes, an Instant Pot is now considered a kitchen basic. Give your couple the gift of quick and easy meals with this all-in-one pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and yogurt maker.

Electric Wine Opener

Never lose or break a cork again with an easy-to-grip and sleek electric opener. Cordless and lightweight, these bottle openers work with just the touch of a button and can handle many bottles before needing a charge.

Ingenious Timesavers

These amazing inventions will save precious time in the kitchen so you can spend more time enjoying your guests.

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This versatile and handy tool will prepare foods in seven different ways: chop, dice, shred, and even spiralize, just to name a few. They also usually include a catch tray so your food will stay contained until you're ready to mix and cook.

Herb Scissors

Give your chef the quickest mincing and chopping tool for herbs. Easily chiffonade or julienne herbs and greens to flavor and garnish any dish with a fresh touch in just seconds. 

Electric Bag Sealer

Keep foods fresh in their own bags with a touchless, handheld bag sealer. By creating an airtight seal to lock out moisture, an electric bag sealer works on plastic or aluminum bags. Find ones with a magnetic back so it can easily be stored on the fridge. Don't bother buying freezer bags or bulky storage containers anymore.

Herb Saver

Make your fresh herbs last up to three times longer with a dishwasher-safe container that holds cut herbs in water.

Food Slicer

Create perfectly even slices with a handheld slicing guide. A food slicer works on any round fruit or vegetable, from tomatoes, citrus, and potatoes--even hard-boiled eggs.

Phone and Tablet Stand

Gift the chef a gadget that holds up their phone or tablet so they can easily view and scroll through their recipes. Find one that can hold devices both vertically and horizontally, which is genius and inexpensive.


Go beyond just the basics with these gifts for making special treats or putting a creative twist on any meal.

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Automatic Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Maker

In less than 30 minutes, you can have your own homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt in any flavor you can imagine. Get perfect results with a maker that includes a digital timer.

Citrus Sprayer Set

Who knew you could turn an ordinary piece of fruit into a fancy spritzer? Brighten up salads, fruit platters, or anything that needs a touch of citrus by gifting a citrus sprayer.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Cook the bread, egg, meat, and veggies in separate compartments all at the same time. A breakfast sandwich never came together this fast, or this easily in an all-in-one grill. Perfect for a couple who would love the novelty and convenience.

Mini Donut Maker

Turn Sunday breakfast into a decadent treat, or make enough dessert for the whole family. Who doesn't love mini donuts, and who wouldn't love being able to make it quick and easy right in their own home.

BBQ Meat Forks

Every grill master needs a set of sturdy BBQ forks, perfect for shredding and separating tender smoked meat.

Send your newlyweds into their new home with any of these gadgets that will build them a chef's working space, save time, and bring them foodie delight.

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