A Personalized Gift - 3 Reasons to Make It Personal

personalized gifts

Think of the times you have seen personalized gifts. They are often given on special occasions - weddings, Christenings, and special anniversaries, not that this list is exhaustive. Nowadays, almost anything can be printed or engraved to make the item memorable. Here are 3 reasons why you would want to go personalized. 

Personalize With a Special Place, Time or Event

If you want the gift to be associated with a certain place, time, or event, then have it engraved or monogrammed. It makes the gift special. For instance, the date often is engraved as well as the event title, such as, "Happy 50th Anniversary, John and Mary, July 20, 2014." "HS Class of 2000, 15th reunion, Las Vegas" printed on a USB flash drive. For bridesmaids, a crystal votive candle holder with their name engraved. Will the wedding have a beach theme? Then personalized sand candles might be the perfect gift.

Makes It Unique

Personalizing a gift makes it unique. It says you took the time and effort to make the gift memorable. In addition, it says you want to commemorate the event. For example: Engrave that wine stopper gift for their birthday. Monogram those towels or coasters you're giving as a house-warming gift. Have a photograph enlarged and printed on a fleece warmer. A photograph is a great way of making a gift personal. Who hasn't seen a coffee mug imprinted with photos of grandchildren? Similarly, a vacation photo printed on a throw pillow will make those fond memories last a long time.

It Will Be Everlasting

If "everlasting" is the impression you want to make, then engrave a gift that will last. However, don't engrave something that is breakable or fashionable. Picture frames and ice buckets are practical and durable. For that gourmet cook, a personalized cutting board will bring back a memory every time they use it. For the golfer, personalize golf tees.

Food, although definitely not lasting, can also be personalized. As a result, write names on cupcakes. Make a box of gift candy wrapped in hand-decorated paper showing important names. And don't forget personalized ice cream cakes for those summer celebrations.

In conclusion, make the gift one that's from the heart. One that will be remembered; one that says you care; one that says that person is special.

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