10 Bridal Hair Trends for Your Big Day

Woman showcasing a current bridal hair trend

When it comes to your wedding day look, your hair is a critical piece of the overall puzzle. Once you choose your gown, it's time to decide how you will wear your hair. Some gowns lend themselves to an updo while others call for a long, flowing hairstyle.Work with your hairstylist to perfect the look you want. Here are 10 current bridal hair trends to consider.


Curtain Bangs 

Curtains are the on-trend bang style this season for everyone, and it's true for brides as well. Curtain bangs are bangs that are worn separated and brushed to either side of your forehead. These were made popular by the television show, "Bridgerton," and you will see them on many brides this season.


The classic pony is no longer just a casual hairstyle. This season, look for ponytails on brides. They may be high, low, or mid-range, and they will often be accessorized with sparkly barrettes or combs. You can also attach your veil to a ponytail.


The shag is back! Usually, this hairstyle is worn shoulder-length and features layered pieces at the top and along the sides. This style would be worn down for the wedding and is perfect with a casual gown. Also, it looks terrific with a tiara.


The pixie cut is for brides who love to rock their short hair. This style is easy to care for and looks fantastic with little effort. Consider wearing your pixie cut with a simple circle veil, and you will look amazing in your wedding photos.


There is no wrong color when it comes to hair this season. Many brides are expressing themselves with hair colors that are not natural but look fantastic anyway, with popular choices being blue, pink, and lavender. Usually the shade is light, but you can choose whatever tone you like.


Intricate braids are popular and fit beautifully with traditionally romantic wedding gowns. Your stylist can show you some different braided styles. You can choose a standard French braid or mix it up with a five-strand braid or a braided style that includes different techniques.

Statement Accessories 

Accessories this season are large and sparkly. Whether you go with a barrette, a comb, or even a crown, make sure it includes plenty of bling. Oversized hair accessories are especially popular.

Natural Curls 

If you were blessed with natural curls, this is the year to show them off. Many brides with curls are letting their natural hair shine, and it's a wonderful look. Add an accessory, and you are sure to turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

Messy Twists 

The messy bun is out of fashion, and the messy twist is on-trend. Think about a traditional French twist but without the rigid style with every hair in place. Have your stylist twist your hair into an updo with some volume teased into the hair and a few strands hanging out.

Finger Waves 

Waves are everywhere this season, and finger waves are especially popular. These are waves that provide a sense of old Hollywood glamour, and they can be part of a short or long hairstyle. They are perfect with a trendy 1920s style gown.

These 10 trends in bridal hair should give you and your stylist some ideas when it comes to creating the perfect look for your special day. Consider the style of your gown, and then come up with a plan that will have you looking incredible as you walk down the aisle.

Regardless of what the hot bridal hair trends are, you'll need to figure out what's right for you. Check out Wedding Hairstyles - Which One is Right for You? to help you decide.

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