5 Modern Bridal Make-Up Trends that Shine

Modern makeup trends on bride

While much of your bridal beauty will come from the happiness showing on your face, your makeup choices also play a big role in getting that perfect look on your wedding day. You'll be looking at your wedding photos for decades to come, so you want to be sure that you like what you see. You'll also want guests commenting on how beautiful you were as you walked down the aisle. How are modern brides getting a wonderful, wedding countenance? Here are five fabulous modern makeup trends that will have you looking your best on that very special day.


Roses and Pinks

Think of blushing innocence, sweet pinks, and stunning roses when you consider a color palette for your bridal makeup. The current trend is to play up the pinks on your lips and cheeks.

Choose a pretty pink lipstick to compliment a romantic look, or go with a dark rose to bring some sophistication to your style. Play up your cheeks with a pink-based blush.

Strong Eyebrows

Minimizing your eyebrows is no longer the style when it comes to modern wedding makeup trend. Instead, your eyebrows should be dark and bold. Try a brow gel or powder to make your eyebrows appear fuller. Using a couple of different colors can also help bring dimension.

Brown Eyeshadow

Reach for shades of brown for your bridal eyeshadow. This neutral background color helps put the focus on your eyes, no matter what color they are.

Layer and blend several different shades to give your eyelids depth. Also, consider adding a shadow with a metallic color or a sparkle to take your eye makeup to another level.

Winged Eyeliner Trend

One very simple way of adding drama to your eyes is to bring your eyeliner out into a wing at the edges. You can do this subtly or take it to the extreme, depending on your personal style and the look you want to achieve.

This adds some interest and fun to your eye makeup, and it also helps make your eyes look wider and more defined.

The Bridal Glow Makeup Trend

One trend that will always be in style for brides is the classic glowing skin that seems like you are shining from the inside out. To bring out the most of your wedding glow, start several months in advance by paying close attention to your skincare routine. Use a gentle cleanser, and try masks to combat dry skin or breakouts. Hydration matters, so drink plenty of water. And protect your skin from damage with sunscreen.

Certain highlighting products can also give your skin a healthy glow. Try an all-over luminescent lotion or a foundation with flecks designed to catch the light. A highlighting stick is also useful for bringing shine to particular areas of your face.

The happiness you feel on your wedding day is sure to show in your face. Make the most of that beautiful time by playing up your features with the right makeup. These 5 modern makeup trends will have you turning heads as you pledge your heart to the person you love.

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