A Guide to Choosing Cute Flat Wedding Shoes

Flat wedding shoes

Your wedding day is likely going to be the most memorable day of your life. You will be laughing with your bridesmaids, crying with your mom, floating down the aisle in a frothy dress. The last thing that should be on your mind is your feet. However, if you are wearing the wrong shoes, all you will be thinking about is how much they are killing you. What you need is a darling pair of white flat wedding shoes that will celebrate with you all day and night.

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Why Wear Flats?

Many women are choosing to wear flat wedding shoes on their wedding day for a number of reasons. One, they know that they will be standing for most of the day.  And two, they'll likely be dancing well into the night. After all, they want to fully enjoy their wonderful day. Most wedding dresses are floor-length with the brides feet rarely making an appearance except during the traditional garter removal and toss. So why not be comfortable? As for comfort, flats cannot be beat.

How To Choose  

The best way to choose the perfect flat wedding shoes is to make sure they match your dress. Take a swatch of the fabric from your wedding dress with you when you shop. If that's not possible, bring a very good digital photo. If your dress is ornate and beaded, opt for shoes that are subtle, with little or no detail.  The ballet flat is a perfect example.  

On the other hand, if your dress is simple and understated, a fun choice might be a flat shoe with a little sparkle, a la Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Ruby may not be your choice of colors but there are plenty of shades of white sparkles out there to choose from. A Mary Jane shoe style would be a perfect choice here.

A warm summer wedding is a perfect excuse to deck out your wedding feet with some strappy sandals. Likewise, a grecian-type flowing dress would pair perfectly with gladiator sandals, which are oh-so-stylish right now. Be sure to treat yourself to a nice pedicure a few days beforehand.

Of course, no matter what shoes you pick, you are destined to be a beautiful bride because your happiness on your wedding day will be the most noticeable thing about you. Dont let sore feet steal a second of your joy. 

Not completely sold on the idea of flats yet? Check out Flat Bridal Shoes - What Are the Advantages? before you make your final decision.

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