The Complete Guide to Elevating Your Bridal Look with Accessories

Elevate your bridal look with bridal accessories - veil, rings, shoes, watch, earrings

Looking beyond the wedding dress, it's the accessories that can truly make a bride's look shine. With the right choice of accessories, you can elevate your bridal look and take it to new heights. That's why we've created the ultimate guide to bridal accessories, which covers everything from bridal jewelry to elegant veils. Whether you're aiming for a classic or modern look, this guide will help you find the perfect finishing touches to complete your wedding day look. If you haven't decided on your wedding dress yet, read more about the 10 Wedding Gown Trends for Brides-to-Be before going any further.

An Overview of Bridal Veils

Illustration of various bridal veil lengths

Veils are a popular bridal accessory, offering romance, glamour and drama to complete a wedding look. If you're unsure of which one to choose, there are many options available. We've broken down some of the most popular veil types below, categorized from shortest to longest. Ultimately, your choice of veil will depend on the style of wedding dress you're going to choose. If you're interested in reading more about veils, check out our blog The Bride's Guide to Veil Lengths.

Birdcage (approx. 9 inches)

Enhance your vintage-inspired look with a captivating birdcage veil, featuring an enchanting netting design with hints of sparkle. Perfect for completing your tea length dress! Birdcage veils are often worn with 1950s or 1960s style vintage dresses.

Bride wearing a birdcage veil


Shoulder-Length or "Flyaway" (19 to 22 inches)

If you're after a look that's both timeless and breezy, blusher veils or "flyaways" are the way to go! With its vintage feel, this veil style frames your face with volume ending just above the shoulders - it's the perfect choice for shorter hemlines. Consider wearing this length veil with a tea length dress or a "city hall" dress.

 Bride wearing a shoulder length veil


Elbow-Length (24 to 30 inches)

Make an elegant statement with the classic and romantic elbow-length veil - perfect for most dress styles! However, this length is most suitable for A-line style gowns with intricate back details such as appliques or beading. This length of veil could also work for mini-dresses as well.

Bride wearing an elbow length bridal veil

Ballet or Semi-Waltz-Length (60 inches) 

Unleash your inner ballerina in a dreamy, flowing ballet veil - long enough to make an impression and easy enough to move without fuss. This length is ideal for mermaid dresses that flare out around your knee. Keep in mind that lengths will vary depending on the height of the bride, so a longer waltz-length or knee veil (70 to 75 inches) may work better.

Bride wearing ballet-length or waltz-length veil

Chapel Length (85 to 95 inches) 

A chapel length veil is a classic and timeless option that can reach the floor and may have a slight train, depending on your height. It can add a dreamlike look to a wedding dress and may be particularly suitable for boho brides if the wedding is being held outdoor where wind needs to be considered. Alternatively, a long-length such as a chapel veil will add lots of a drama to any wedding gown.

 Bride wearing a chapel length veil

Cathedral Length (114 inches or more) 

Feel like royalty with a cathedral length train behind you! Make a statement with this gorgeous style's intricate lace and turn heads on your walk down the aisle. This is the perfect look for drama, grandeur and ultimate bridal glamour. This veil length is for the boldest brides who want to make a statement with her veil and her dress.

 Bride wearing a cathedral length veil

What Wedding Jewelry Should You Wear?

2 black women modelling various bridal jewelry pieces - hair accessory, necklace, earrings

Now that you've found "The Dress", the next step is to find your wedding jewelry. Accessories give a dress presence and make it truly yours. Finding suitable jewelry doesn't have to be difficult and we're here to help you along the way.
When putting together your wedding day ensemble, it is important to trust your instincts. Be sure to pick items you like, and follow some suggested style tips. This way, you can create a look that you will enjoy for years to come.

Wedding trends come and go, but your wedding photos will last a lifetime. So why not make decisions that speak to you on a personal level? That way when you look back at your wedding day outfit, you can proudly say that you chose every detail because it meant something special to you. That's a far better decision that to regretfully remember that you chose to wore it because it was the latest trend on social media.

Keep in mind that family may not know best

As time passes, so do the trends and beliefs around wedding day fashion. While grandma might think a necklace is the go-to formal attire accessory, others may insist that statement earrings are the must have or a special bracelet. Ultimately, wear what speaks to you and don't let anyone else's opinions dull your sparkle.

Make your veil the main focal point

To create the ultimate show-stopping outfit, make sure to choose a focal point! If you're wearing a veil, then let that be the center of attention. Balance your jewelry, keep it simple and let the veil shine!

Think about incorporating "something borrowed" or an heirloom piece early on

If there's a special piece of heirloom jewelry or something borrowed that you want to wear on your big day, bring it along to your dress shopping appointment. Again, you want to make sure that any jewelry piece doesn't look out of place and is purposely part of your outfit.

On your special day, capture the memories of the past and create something new for the future by transforming a beloved heirloom into a unique piece that suits your personal style. Make it yours and start a tradition; wear it proudly on your wedding day and keep wearing it for years to come.

Heirloom jewelry piece - ribbon, brooch

Stick with what you normally wear and then take it up a notch

Make sure your wedding day look is one that radiates your own personal style! After all, you'll want to sparkle and shine in something you're comfortable and confident wearing. Don't succumb to pressure and wear something that is totally out of your comfort zone and not typical of what you normally would wear.
When picking jewelry for your wedding outfit, consider pieces that you are comfortable with, but elevate them slightly. For example, if you usually wear stud earrings, wear a similar style but perhaps larger. If you normally wear a simple bracelet, then upgrade your wedding look by layering a few sparkly bracelets together on the same arm.

Wear a necklace that will complement the neckline of your dress

The secret to accessorizing your wedding dress with a necklace is to match the neckline of your dress. Your pendant necklaces should go with a V-neck dress; statement necklaces are perfect for sweetheart necklines or strapless dresses. One thing to keep in mind is that the necklace should rest on your skin, not your dress fabric.

Bride wearing a necklace that  matches her neckline

Mixing metals is totally ok

Lots of sources on the internet will tell you about formula of what jewelry to wear with the color of dress you've chosen. Typically, they say to wear only platinum or silver jewelry for the pure white dresses and that ivory and off-white dresses can only be accessorize with yellow gold. We disagree - wear what you feel makes you feel special on your wedding day.

Your jewelry doesn't have to match exactly

Your own individual style should be reflected in your wedding jewelry - but there's no need for everything to be a perfect matching set. Mix up the metals with a white gold engagement band paired with gold earrings. Have fun showing off your individuality but be sure that it's intentionally done.

Change up your jewelry throughout the night

Don't be bound to the same jewelry for your entire wedding day. Change it up! If you've chosen to wear a veil and had to downplay your jewelry, then swap out for the earrings you wanted to wear when the veil comes off for the reception. If you have to cover your arms and shoulders in the church and you can take off the sleeves later on, then slip on the bangles that you had your heart set on. The point is that you can recreate a completely different look by just changing your accessories.

All About the Hottest Accessory - Overskirts!

Haven't heard about an overskirt before? Transform from one look during your wedding ceremony into another look for your wedding reception. Read all about the hottest accessory and how to get the most mileage out of your wedding dress with 2 looks. 

An overskirt? What's that?

Looking for a way of elevating your wedding look? An overskirt is what you need! This detachable outer skirt sits on top of the waistline of your wedding dress, so that you can get 2 different looks with just one quick addition. With all shapes, sizes and fabrics available, overskirts can match your dress or lend a blank canvas for customization with extra lace from your gown. Don't let its name fool you - an overskirt is just as detailed as a full wedding gown. So why not spice up your bridal look with an overskirt?

Bride wearing a wedding dress with an outstretched overskirt

Can an overskirt be worn with all styles of wedding dresses? 

Overskirts are a super versatile accessory and can easily give you two different looks on your wedding day. If you start off with an overskirt for your wedding ceremony and photoshoot, you can simply remove it later on during the reception for a more relaxed and casual feel. In addition, adding an overskirt can provide more interest and texture to an A-line or ball gown.

How do you put on an overskirt? 

An overskirt can be attached in a number of different ways - from multiple hooks and eyes or clear snaps along the waistline. This versatile piece adds a ton of versatility and will offer you different looks. It can also be attached with various closures such as hidden snaps or stylish subtle zippers.

What if my wedding dress has a long train? Can I still wear an overskirt?

Do you have a stunning gown with a beautiful train but still want to wear an overskirt? You absolutely can! An overskirt can bustle your train and keep it out of the way. As well, most overskirts will look fabulous with gowns that have chapel length trains, which won't hang outside the skirt and therefore won't require a bustle for as long as you're wearing your overskirt.

In conclusion, when it comes to achieving a truly stunning and unforgettable bridal look, it's important to consider the role that accessories can play. While the wedding dress is undoubtedly the centerpiece of any bridal ensemble, carefully chosen accessories can elevate it to new heights and create a look that is truly unique and personal. Whether you opt for statement jewelry, elegant veils, or something entirely different, the key is to choose accessories that complement your dress and overall style. With the help of a comprehensive guide to bridal accessories, any bride can confidently select the perfect finishing touches to create a bridal look that is truly her own on her special day. 

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