Makeup Tips for Your Wedding

makeup tips for your wedding

Your wedding day is a day when everybody's eyes will be on you! As such, you're going to want to look your best. You have to put a lot of thought into your dress, shoes, hair, and makeup if you want to get every detail just right. With all the preparations to make, it can be easy to leave the makeup to the last minute. And you're probably expecting that you can do pretty much what you always do with it. That would be a mistake, though. On your wedding day, a lot of unusual demands will be placed on your makeup. And consider that your usual techniques may not be up to the demand. To make sure you avoid any major mishaps, follow these makeup tips for your wedding day.


Obviously a lot of your choice of color is going to be determined by matching your makeup to your dress and accessories. However, there's more to it than that. You are going to be under a lot of different kinds of lighting on your wedding day. Outside during the day, most likely. Inside under different kinds and wattages of light. Outside again when it gets darker, perhaps. You need to make sure that your colors are going to look good under all these different lighting conditions. Do some tests well before the big day arrives, under the different kinds of lighting you expect to encounter.


It is not uncommon for a bride to shed a tear or two on her wedding day. There are also other water-based hazards, from sudden rain showers to your young cousin accidentally squirting a juice box in your face. You need to make your makeup as waterproof as you can. Use an oil based concealer and put oil based foundation around your eyes before anything else. Of course, you should also use a waterproof mascara.


You need your makeup to last as long as possible on your wedding day. And makeup lasts longer when it is applied to a face with smooth, well-hydrated skin. Follow a good moisturizing routine for at least a week before your wedding day. On your wedding day, apply moisturizer to your face about thirty minutes before applying your makeup, so that your skin thoroughly absorbs it before you put your makeup on.

Facial Treatments

You might be planning to have your face exfoliated, or your fine hairs plucked, or have other facial treatments in the days leading up to your wedding. These treatments can help your makeup look much better, but you should remember that many facial treatments can also leave your skin red and sensitive. Schedule your facials at least a week in advance of your wedding day to avoid looking blotchy or having to put on too much makeup to conceal it.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot to do and to think about in the run up to your wedding. If you follow some of the makeup tips for your wedding and plan well in advance, you can at least be sure that your makeup will not have to be one of your worries.

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