These are the 5 Wedding Wardrobe Essentials You Should Save For

Newly engaged bride-to-be

Newly engaged and starting to plan your wedding day? Starting to realize how many wedding expenses you'll face? Wondering how on earth you'll be able to afford everything? Fear not! It's easier to save for your wedding day if you categorize your expenses and start putting money away for each expense category. Saving by category gives you a sense of control and makes the process of paying for your wedding easier to bear.One of the biggest expenses you will face as a newly engaged bride-to-be is your wedding attire. Understanding which bridal wardrobe essentials you will need makes it easier to start an appropriate savings plan. By having a budget that is big enough to cover the following five wedding wardrobe essentials, you will be sure to have a memorable wedding day.


Your Dress

Your wedding dress is going to require the biggest chunk of your wedding wardrobe budget. Make sure you save enough not just for your wedding dress, but for alteration expenses too. Some bridal shops even charge for fittings. As such, make sure your wedding dress budget covers unexpected add-on expenses.


Whether you wear a veil, tiara, or fascinator, the fact is you are likely going to spend on a wedding headpiece. Make sure your wedding savings account has plenty of cash for your bridal headpiece and shipping charges too if you are ordering it from out of town. Subsequently, if you are wearing a veil on your wedding day, you may also need to pay for steaming your veil to ensure it is free from wrinkles.

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The Shoes

The shoes you wear on your wedding day can be quite expensive. Some brides choose to wear a fancier pair of shoes for their wedding vows and a comfortable pair of shoes for their wedding reception. As a result, make sure your savings account is big enough to pay for wedding shoes and matching stockings/pantyhose too.

Wedding Lingerie

You aren't going to wear basic bloomers underneath your wedding dress. Getting married is an occasion to splurge on fancy lingerie. Because of this, your wedding savings account should have enough funds on hand to pay for awesome accoutrements. This includes items like a bridal bra, thong underwear, and a corset to keep you nipped and tucked in the appropriate places.

Other Essential Accessories

A big chunk of your wedding budget is likely to go towards wedding wardrobe accessories. You will need to purchase items like a wedding bracelet, earrings, and necklace. You may even need to pay for similar items for the ladies in your bridal party. These wedding accessory expenses can add up quickly. So be sure to save enough money to splurge on delicious details like wedding jewelry.

These five wedding wardrobe essentials can empty your bank account in a hurry, so be sure to start saving early. The more effort you put into building your wedding savings account in advance, the less likely it is you will be stressed over money on your big day. 

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