Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by Mr Pavlo Melnyk


If pandemic safety measures have ruined your grandiose wedding plans, don't despair: look on the bright side. A small-scale wedding can be just as magical as a big one, and you can share the event with as many people as you like online. Here are some of the special bonuses a mini wedding can bring:


The smaller your wedding, the more intimate it can be. With no crowd at your back, you and your partner will be able to focus all the more intently on the significance of the ceremony. In your calm, secluded setting, you'll feel the full impact of each other's physical and spiritual presence as you stand together, making your vows. You'll have the space to imbue the magic of the moment and the promise of the future, as your legal bond is made. Meanwhile, your friends and relatives can follow the ceremony virtually, if you wish to live-stream it. In fact, they'll probably benefit from a prime view this way.   

Low stress planning

A standard wedding, with a large gathering of guests, requires a great deal of planning, often involving considerable time, effort and angst for all concerned. The numerous guests have to be invited, accommodated, catered for and entertained, and however thorough the preparations, there may still be hitches on the day. But a miniature event requires no such efforts, and is likely to be a much more relaxed affair as a consequence. A simple marriage ceremony also offers poignant eloquence: your virtual audience will be misty-eyed in moments. 


Depending on the grandeur of your original wedding plans, you may make significant financial savings by scrapping them. With just your closest friends and relatives in attendance, you'll have no need of a large, costly venue, or perhaps any venue at all. You'll also save on catering expenses and entertainment costs, and perhaps on the hire of a photographer. With these big savings, you are likely to have extra funds available for small-scale luxuries, such as outfit accessories, wedding cake ornamentation and culinary delicacies for your elite group. For a stylish but affordable wedding, a small but luxurious one is the ideal solution. 


The savings made on your mini wedding could benefit you for years to come.  After the big day itself, there will be all sorts of other items to pay for, such as your honeymoon and your marital home. If you have children, you'll need more funds again, so the bigger your starting budget, the better. The more modest your wedding, the better equipped you'll be for the inevitable expenses ahead. If your parents or other third parties are paying for your wedding, they'll welcome your modest arrangements, too.  

People often say that small is beautiful, and that's certainly the case with weddings, so take pride in your simple, intimate ceremony. Treasure the romance of your exclusive occasion, while your well-wishers watch and cheer just a screen away. What wedding could be more magical?

October 28, 2021