How to reduce stress when planning your big day

How to reduce stress when planning your big day

Planning a wedding is one of lifes very stressful events. There are many ways to minimize your stress, read on to find out what you can do to make sure planning your wedding doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Follow some simple steps to ensure you remain relaxed and zen in the lead up to your big day.



Planning a wedding is a big deal , you will definitely need some help. Take some time to think about who can help you and who you can delegate to. There is often too much for one person to do, so think about those in your family and friendship group



Be sure to have something else to help take your mind off the wedding. It is a great way to reduce stress and divert your attention when things may become all consuming. Whether it be fitness, yoga a hobby, anything to help alleviate the stress.



Self care is so important in life generally and even more so in the lead up to your big day. Take time out, and incorporate a self care regime into your lead up preparation. Facials, massages are a great way, even yoga or taking time out with friends to enjoy normal activities and past times, non wedding related.



Avoid conflict and miscommunication by ensuring you are on the same page as your partner. Ensure you are on the same page by communicating regularly. Some couples even set up live spreadsheets or use a joint APP to keep track of where the stage of planning and execution is at.



Always keep in mind what your priorities are. Try and not deviate off the path of what is important to you and your partner on your wedding day. It could be helpful to write these down and refer to them when things seem to be steering off course. There will be many external influences that effect your decision making and your judgements, be sure to always keep in mind what is important to you and your partner on your wedding day.



Wedding Trends for 2021

Wedding Trends for 2021

We are already a quarter of the way through the year. COVID and the planning of weddings has changed dramatically in the last year since the beginning of the pandemic, it has shaped how we plan and hold events. This new way of thinking has made us really reassess what is important and think about what truly matters on the big day. With this there are also some surprising and delightful new trends that we are seeing in the wedding industry.


Mid Week Weddings

Wedding expenses continue to rise and couples are always looking for ways to maximise and leverage their budget to the greatest of their ability.



COVID has seen a big rise in the amount of couples choosing to elope. Elopement is definitely an option for those couples that what a more private and intimate affair. Elopements are wonderful for those couples who really want to focus on the true meaning of the marriage and not so much the actual wedding day.


Non Traditional Wedding Attire

There is no doubt there has been a gradual shift over the years for brides and grooms to move away from traditional wedding fashion. Brides are choosing to show their individuality and their personal flair through choosing to wear something to show off their own style. Traditional veils and styles are a thing of the past, brides are mixing it up and making their mark, with suits, pant suits, jumpsuits – whatever takes their fancy.


Doing away with the bridal party

Again the trend toward simplifying the wedding is being seen through many bride and grooms choosing to do away with the bridal party. Simplicity is key. Removing the need for the bridal party makes sense from a budget perspective but also it allows the bride and groom to focus on what’s important to them. Many are choosing to opt for loved ones or person of importance to be symbolized by engaging them to do a reading or rather a job of importance.


Sustainable and buying locally

Lastly the final trend not surprisingly is the importance brides and grooms are placing on need to buy and choose sustainable and local products where possible. This worldwide trend has filtered down to the wedding industry with many suppliers now offering this option.


How to Make Your Man Jump to Plan Your Wedding

How to Make Your Man Jump to Plan Your Wedding

It's like something out of a fairy tale. You've met Mr. Right, and although he may not be tall, dark, and handsome all at once, he's got that certain je ne sais qua that is more irresistible than all the other hotties you may have had your eye on. Now that you've set a date, how can you get your Prince Charming to feel involved and help with your wedding plans?

barrage him with an endless chain of wedding pictures and articles and ask for his elaborate opinion on each.
Your guy might not have spent enough time looking at tulles and ties to know what's trendy or not. And even if he has, he might be anxious about giving you a "wrong" answer about what he likes.

Do send your man out on wedding planning errands he can do by himself. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but most guys are task-oriented. So actionable, fact-based jobs like checking out the size and price of reception halls or the availability of churches can get him involved and send the signal you trust him to do his part independently. You can arm him with a digital camera to take pictures for you to review together later, and when you do review, letting him relay all his findings/results will let him feel confident.
Don't plan on doing an entire run of wedding shopping in one day. Most guys aren't used to spending a whole day on their feet looking at cake toppers and suits, and your future hubby might feel more than a bit overwhelmed and irritable if everything he sees all at once is one reminder after another that there's no returning to the bachelor life. He'll probably be more receptive to doing one or two bite-sized errands or tasks per afternoon over time.
Do give him the tasks that fit his skills. For example, if you are lucky enough to have a tech-savvy guy, then let him pull your video presentation together. Or if your man is handy, then have him prep the trellis. This way, he can get work done without feeling like he's out of his element.
Don't interfere in the few guy times of wedding planning, such as fittings of tuxes for your groom and his male best buds. Trust that the professionals in the shops will make him look fabulous. He won't mind the fitting as much if it's an outing with his friends.
Do let him have a secret. Take one of the wedding planning elements he might enjoy and give your groom complete say over it. The fun of being able to surprise you can be truly energizing and make the job feel less like a chore.
In general, the key to making your guy jump to plan your wedding is to remember how most guys think and to remember that not everything for the wedding needs to be accomplished together. Give him a little space and appeal to his interests in order to make him feel involved, and your special day will go off without a hitch before you know it.

15 Wedding Gown Trends for This Year's Bold Brides

15 Wedding Gown Trends for This Year's Bold Brides

After several seasons focused on simplicity and minimalism, 2021 bridal fashions are breaking out of the box. This year's brides aren't going to be afraid to add some eye-catching, head-turning details. Here are 15 of the year's most fashion-forward trends in bridalwear.

Outrageous Ruffles

It's always on-trend to incorporate a nod to femininity in your wedding gown, but this year's ruffles aren't dainty. Ruffles this year are more like ocean waves, and you can take the trend as big as you want. Have an entire sea of ruffles wafting down the length of your gown, or build a skirt with layered, ruffled tiers that nearly fills the room.


If your personal style is more structured, consider a gown with an architectural feature designed to wow your guests. This can come in the form of a geometrically shaped waistline, in an oversized wave of a crumb-catcher at the neck, or an extra covering of satin surrounding the skirt.

All Over Lace

 Lace is a classic bridal tradition with romantic symbolism. Beautiful lace this season will be on wedding gowns from top to bottom, often as an overlay on the skirt and over sheer fabric on the bodice. Sleeves will be long and lacy, as well. Expect to find intricate and unusual patterns and colors in lace gowns. Delicate Chantilly lace is a favorite, along with any vintage lace.

Huge Sleeves

 Puffy sleeves are a current trend in all areas of fashion, but no sleeves are more voluminous than those in bridal. Some of the sleeves you will find on bridal gowns this season will include more fabric than the rest of the dress.

 Look for giant puffs that come down to a structured point at the elbow or wrist, and also look for billowing sleeves that envelope your arms like a cloud. Layers of tulle on sleeves will rival ballgown skirts.

Costume Inspired

 Your wedding is a day when you can live your fantasy, and for some brides that includes stepping into someone else's shoes. Costume inspired wedding gowns will include Renaissance princess dresses, styles from the various royal eras and even Medieval costumes.


 Some brides don't want to go the serious route and would prefer to show their playful side at their wedding. If that sounds like you, consider one of this season's gowns with fun or flirty details. This might be some colorful textured flowers or a barely concealed pattern on the lining of your skirt.


 Pastels have been popping up in wedding gowns for a few seasons, and blush has become a staple. This year's pretty shade is pistachio. This lovely green can be an accent color on your gown, or it can be the only hue.


Smocking on a wedding gown can bring your bridal style a little bit to the bohemian side, or it can give you a pretty retro vibe. A white-on-white pattern will be subtle, while a colorful burst makes a statement. If you have a family member who knows how to smock, you might talk them into creating a customized look.

Shorter Hemlines

There was a time when a traditional bride would never consider getting married in anything but a floor-length gown. Those days are over, and hemlines are everywhere this year. Opt for a cute tea-length style or even choose a mini-skirt. A high-low dress is another popular choice, allowing you to float down the aisle while simultaneously showing off your legs.


Wedding Subscription Box



Crepe hasn't been popular in wedding gowns in recent seasons, but you will see the fun, textured fabric again this year. Crepe is a material that brings depth to a dress, with folds and crinkles that can be flattering in the right places.

Square Necklines

Instead of a scoop or a sweetheart, try a square neckline this season. This elegant style lengthens you through the torso and shows off your collarbone.


Layers are the name of the game this season, especially when weather conditions are uncertain or you are going from indoors to outdoors. Start with your dress and then add a shrug or a cape to cover your shoulders. Match that with another layer like a silk jacket or faux fur wrap. Some brides are even adding, or subtracting, an overskirt for different parts of the event. Layering is wonderful for weddings. It's a practical choice to keep you comfortable, and it allows you to show off a variety of looks throughout the day.

Cap Sleeves

Cute cap sleeves are a sweet way to add some fabric to your arms when you want more than a tiny strap. Pay attention to where the cap sleeves are placed. Sometimes they can add extra bulk, but caps that fall slightly off the shoulder can make arms appear slimmer.

Pajama Pants

Pantsuits and jumpers are no longer a surprise on a bride, but this season's pants are a slightly different style. On-trend bridal pants are reminiscent of silky pajama pants. The fabric is flowy, and the legs are wide. Match it with a suit jacket or a lacy top.


After an uncertain year, brides are ready to take this season by storm. When it comes to wedding gowns, any type of drama is appropriate, so don't be afraid to be bold. Whether you want to surround yourself in feathers or wear a ballgown so big you have to fold yourself into the limo, this is your chance to express yourself.

This is going to be an amazing season for wedding gowns with fearless trends for brides of all kinds. Find a style you love and get ready to rock your big day.


Five Little Known Tips That Will Save Money on Wedding Expenses

Five Little Known Tips That Will Save Money on Wedding Expenses

Wedding expenses add up quickly. Fortunately, there are lots of tips that can be followed to assist in reducing the cost of a wedding. Here are five little known tips that will save you money on wedding expenses. Even if the bride and groom only use one of these tips, they will save on the cost of the wedding. However, if they are able to use two or more of the following tips, they stand to save quite a bit of money on their wedding expenses.

Select a Florist Near the Main Drop Off

Since florists frequently charge for delivery, it is essential to select a florist near the location where the flowers will be delivered. The delivery fee is often based upon the distance from the florist’s shop to the first drop off point. Therefore, the closer that your florist is to the drop off point, the smaller the delivery fee is.

Unless all of the flowers are going to be delivered to the same location, you will typically need to pay additional charges. This is especially true if you need to have flowers delivered at the reception hall as well as the bride’s home and the church. Therefore, try to make arrangements to have all of the flowers dropped off at the primary location and make arrangements for someone else related to the bridal party to complete any further drop offs for the flowers.


Insist on Children’s Prices at the Reception

Most banquet halls and catering services will include the cost of the alcohol served to wedding guests in the cost of the meal. Therefore, it is important to insist upon a children’s menu in order to save money. A children’s menu usually includes chicken fingers and French fries or spaghetti and meatballs. However, most caterers are flexible on the exact type of meal that is offered. The cost for such a meal is usually 25% of the cost of an adult meal. If the affair is a buffet, the price of the child’s meal is simply reduced and the meal itself usually remains the same as the buffet.


Additionally, the bride and groom should insist on an under-18 price for those who will order from the adult menu but who will not be legally permitted to drink alcohol. Typically, banquet halls and catering services will cut the per-guest cost in half for those guests who are not going to be served alcohol.


Cluster the Events

It is important to think about the consequences of scattering the wedding day events around the city or even in more than one city. Transportation costs are going to add up if the wedding couple has decided on a limousine or trolley to transport the bride and groom and/or bridal party. Typically, each of these services charges by the hour unless you are renting the service from a company that offers a daily rate. Even so, daily rates are usually cut off after a certain number of hours.


If you schedule the events within close proximity of each other, you will be able to save on transportation costs. All too often this point is overlooked until everything has been scheduled and it is too late to reconsider. Therefore, it is important to schedule the events as close together as possible in miles in order to save on travel time.


There are several locations that are going to enter the picture starting with the bride’s whereabouts. Additionally, the location of the wedding ceremony, the place where photographs are being taken, and the location of the reception are all going to come into play. Additionally, you might want to consider the final drop off point of the bride and groom as well.


Typically, you cannot ask the transportation service to go away during the reception and come back later. Most services require you to hire the service for the entire time. Therefore, you should cluster the events as close together in time as possible.


Additionally, if the flowers are to be delivered at more than one location, limiting the distance will keep the additional fees affordable. This is also true if you need to pay for the travel time of your videographer and/or photographer.


Forego Hiring Musicians and Singers

Although you might have to receive special permission from the church, synagogue, etc not to use the organist, singers, musicians provided by them, you should consider the possibility of doing so. Instead, you can ask a close friend of the family to sing or play for you at the wedding ceremony.


If you invite a family member or close friend to sing at the wedding or perform as a musician, you can suggest to them that this performance will be their wedding gift to you. Obviously, it is a wedding gift that could save you quite a bit of money. Plus, making arrangements such as this will help to create a more memorable occasion for the bride and groom.


Ribbons and Material for Bouquets

Since most wedding gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses need to be hemmed during alterations, quite a bit of material is trimmed from the gowns. This material can be used to create the bows for the bridal bouquet and/or the bridesmaid’s bouquets. It is important to ask the seamstress ahead of time so that she trims the excess fabric as a usable piece of cloth. Moreover, you should pick this material up at the first fitting after the alterations have begun.


Most florists are flexible and willing to work with the bride on a project of this nature. Typically, it does cost less than using satin or silk provided by the florist even if the bride has to pay a small fee for the work that is done.


Intro: Weddings are one of the most costly activities that a couple can engage in. Here are five little known tips that can save the happy couple money on their wedding expenses. Every little bit counts especially in today’s times.









Bridal Gifts for the Wedding Day

Bridal Gifts for the Wedding Day

It’s often very tricky knowing what to buy for the bride and groom. With some brides being very particular these days knowing the right gift for this very important day can be hard. We’ve taken the hard work out of the decision making process, with thoughtfully designed and curated boxes for the picky bride and groom to be.


Bridal Box Ideas


Our Bridal gift ideas are the perfect gift as they are a mix of the practical and the memorable ! They will help even the most organized bride with the logistics and planning but also  with some of the quirky and memorable ways to celebrate and remember this special time. To view some of our Best Bridal Subscription Box ideas, click through and browse.  We have remembered everything down to some of the special keepsakes and personal ways to celebrate the bride and grooms special day. We have wrapped up everything the bride needs and wants and all the other keepsakes she may not even have thought of, into one convenient subscription. Subscribing is easy and convenient. View our FAQ page to learn more.


Bridal Box Monthly Subscriptions


At Mrs at Last – we have curated many different types of subscription boxes, based on how far in advance your big day will be. Boxes are designed around the amount of time remaining between purchasing our gift boxes and the brides wedding day. The Bridal Box gift ideas are not only perfect for the time poor bride but also the gift giver looking for that perfect lasting and memorable gift. Subscription gift boxes take the hassle out of finding that perfect gift for the bride and groom. Many brides these days are not looking for antiquated crystal souvenir pieces, rather a mix of the practical and the memorable, the perfect mix for the busy, time poor modern woman.




The Top 4 most important things to organise for your big day

The Top 4 most important things to organise for your big day

You have said ‘yes’ you have popped the champagne and told your family and friends, you set your date. What next?? Where to from here? Planning what can be the biggest day of your life is no easy task and can be fraught with stress and problems. Read on – let us help you take the stress of the situation

Venue – In this post covid world, booking and securing your venue of choice is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. You have to feel comfortable about their F&B packages, the service offering, the timings, capacities and their cancellation policies – should you be faced with the need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. These are all very important issues and once you have sorted

Budget – The big one – budget is everything and sticking to your budget is super important. Avoid stress by setting and sticking to your budget. Be clear with your partner about both being on the same page with your budget and adhering to it.

Your style – What will your style of wedding look like, Talk to your significant other about how you envisage your big day will look. Will it be simple and understated, will it be luxe and over the top. Will you have a theme ? These are all very important questions that you and your significant other should discuss from the outset. Have a clear idea of your style and aesthetic.

Bridal Party – Choosing the bridal party is one of the toughest choices you will ever have. Are you going big – or just go for that one special friend. It can be tricky terrain to navigate if you are partner have different ideas about this, so it always good to get this out of the way early to avoid any misunderstandings.
Planning the big day – where to start!!

Planning the big day – where to start!!

So the excitement and the surprise is starting to wane – your mind starts to turn to planning the big day ! Where do you start? It is a daunting prospect to many so we have put together a list of “hacks” that will get you started and in the frame of mind to start thinking about how and what to start planning.

1. Create a unique email address that you can use for all your wedding related correspondence. This will help streamline communication and not get mixed in with any of your normal day to day admin.

2. There are so many apps available these days to help you with your planning. Take the time to research which will suit you and your style of co-ordination. Talk to friends and other brides to be about which app they found most useful.

3. Set your budget – first and foremost – set your budget and a buffer. We all know as soon as the word wedding is mentioned costs seems to spiral out of control. The more you can control your budget and stick to it- the less stressful the lead up to your big day will be. Talk with your partner and make sure they are on the same page to avoid any awkward miscommunications around spend, and most of all, avoid a blow out.

4. Delegate – if you don’t have the luxury of a wedding planner, do yourself a favour and agree to some help. There will be no end of people willing to help you, so make sure you agree. Not only will it help you save time, it is a great way of brainstorming and talking things through. Group facebook accounts are a great way to help communicate what needs to be done and to keep people in the loop about where you are at with your planning.

5. Create a Pinterest account – for visual inspiration you can’t go past Pinterest. This is an amazing tool to help you visualise everything from your dresses and hair to styling, lighting and invitations. Create your account and start dreaming of your big day.