Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by luchik08


Are you planning a bridal shower that you want to make unique and fun? Don't settle for a traditional shower in a restaurant or rental space. Instead, think outside the box to plan a shower that everyone who attends will remember and enjoy. Here are 5 great and unusual places to have a bridal shower.

Art Gallery 

You don't have to go with a traditional venue in order to have an upscale bridal shower. An art gallery is an excellent example of a venue that is sophisticated but also enjoyable. Many galleries have specific spaces you can rent for your event, while others will allow you to use the whole gallery.


When you are throwing a shower for a bride who loves animals, you can't beat a party at the zoo with her favorite wildlife. Many zoos have spaces that are typically used for birthday parties, and there is no reason they couldn't be used for a bridal shower as well. After the festivities, the group can visit the animals. You may even be able to arrange for a private feeding or keeper talk.

Bowling Alley 

Parties with a built-in activity are easy to plan and memorable for everyone. Try throwing your bridal shower at a bowling alley where the guests and the bride can spend some time in the lanes as well as opening gifts. Having something physical to do makes social situations easier for many people, and it is a good way to break the ice when guests don't know each other well.


If you have a small group of guests at a bridal shower, why not have everyone gather at a salon? Each guest can have a spa treatment like a facial or a mani-pedi with special services for the bride. Ask everyone to bring a gift with a beauty theme to help the bride prepare for her big day.

Ice Cream Parlor 

Bring out your inner child with a trip to a local ice cream parlor where you and your guests can enjoy tasting a variety of delicious flavors while you celebrate the bride. Many ice cream parlors offer catering services and will help you throw an amazing party.

There are all kinds of unique spaces that are just right for a bridal shower. Think about the bride's personality and what she loves to do while you consider your options. This will help you throw the perfect shower in a place that will delight the bride and your guests.