Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by VAKSMANV


It is not common to see photo frames adorned with, "Will you be my usher?" It is even less common to see men wearing necklaces that they received as a gift for being in a friend's wedding. It can happen, and it would bear no judgment, but it is certainly not the norm. If one were to speak in generalizations, male groomsmen typically enjoy more practical gifts. So, how does a groom thank his trusty ushers for standing by his side on one of the most important days of his life? How does a groom say "Thank you" in a meaningful yet practical way? 

Here are the six best gift ideas for groomsmen.  

  1. Cuff links are useful. They are easily lost but not often quickly replaced. It is hard to find cuff links that are attractive and actually mean something. A pair of personalized cuff links, perhaps with the usher's initials engraved on them, is a gift from a groom that says "Thank you for being there for me on my big day," as well as "Here is something to remember this day, your contribution, and our friendship."
  1. Tie tacks are believed by some to be a thing of the past but would it be so bad if they were brought back in style? If ushers are wearing long ties instead of bowties, the perfect gift is a fancy tie tack. A tie clip engraved with the usher's initials adds a personal touch, but the tie tack could also represent something meaningful between the friends. For example, if the groomsmen were all in a band together, a tie clip with a musical note or the name or initials of the band could be equally useful and significant.  
  1. Socks are lost all the time. Socks that are of high quality, comfortable and luxurious, and adorned discreetly with the usher's initials at the top make a perfect gift, unless of course, he feels the desire to show them off. 
  1. Cocktail shakers are a gift that, unlike a personalized photo frame or coffee mug, the groomsmen are likely to display in their home. A high-end cocktail shaker, perhaps with a metallic sheen, and maybe even engraved, is something that will certainly be used regularly and proudly displayed. 
  1. Sunglasses are not something that men typically consider buying for themselves unless they have lost their only pair. However, a pair of expensive sunglasses in a shape and style that will fit all faces is not only something that the ushers will use long after the big day, and possibly on the big day, but will be something they are more likely to treat with great care as it is a thoughtful gift from an important day. 
  1. External phone chargers are one of the best inventions in recent years, especially for anyone who is glued to their phone, which in this day and age, is everyone. What better or more practical gift than an extra portable phone charger? Most people can use an extra one in their gym bag, travel bag, or car. It is a gift that is sure to be appreciated and, if it feels impersonal, engrave it with the usher's initials. There is no better thank you in our modern world than to guarantee a fully charged device.

It is not always easy to buy gifts for men from men and particularly with the pressure of making it meaningful as well as practical. Still, these gift ideas are all ones that most men probably need, can certainly use, and will surely appreciate. The fact that it will be given as a "thank you" for being part of a significant day only enhances their value.