Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by Nicole Mulstay


You have the beautiful wedding dress, the diamond ring, the perfect man, and now it’s time to go shopping for the bridal shoes. One of the first decisions to make is whether to wear heels or flats. More and more brides these days are choosing to forgo traditional and trade high heels in favor of flat bridal shoes. Why? Well, the advantages are many.

Flat bridal shoes are safer to walk in compared with heels. Most brides stress out about the walk down the aisle. There is always the worry of tripping in front of friends, family and the awaiting groom. That chance is greatly reduced if you are wearing flat shoes. And also you have to negotiate stairs, paths and dance floors once the ceremony is done.

The bride will be more comfortable in flats. On your wedding day you are walking a lot while having photographs taken, walking around the reception tables to say hello to guests, and that is before the dancing even begins. You don’t want to wake up with blisters on your feet on your first day of being a wife. 

Flat bridal shoes are very fashionable and cute. Ballet flats are trending from casual wear to office wear to bridal wear. Diamantes, ribbons and flowers can be added as accessories to glam up the flat bridal shoe, and they will be popular with the wedding photographer when the detail shots are being taken. Flick through the latest bridal magazines and wedding blogs, and you will see flat shoes on the feet of many lovely brides.

You can wear them again and again as part of your everyday wardrobe. It’s nice to wear your wedding shoes again. As well as getting value for your money you can look down at your feet and be reminded of one of the best days of your life when you married the man you are crazy-in-love with. 

And finally if you are tall you won’t tower over the groom. 

So you can tell there are many good reasons to choose flat bridal shoes. It’s a matter of safety, comfort and fashion, as well as reasons that may be sentimental and practical. Tell your bridesmaid it’s time for shoe shopping, and that she should give word to the ladies in the bridal party that they all will be wearing flat shoes to the wedding.