Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by Vadim Gunko


Your best friend is getting married and you have the lovely privilege of being her bridesmaid or maid of honor. It's a joyful and fun duty and also can be a lot of hard work. The bride loves and trusts you to be the perfect bridesmaid as she gets ready for the best day of her life. 

Before the wedding day you need to be offering assistance to your best friend with whatever she needs help with. Some brides are very hands-on and want to do everything themselves and others want to delegate tasks to their bridal party members. So it's best to ask what she needs and then do everything she asks, which may include wedding dress and shoe shopping, choosing flowers and menus and designing and styling the fabulous wedding venue.

Arranging the bachelorette party is one of the major bridesmaid's duties. Basically you tell her the date and she just turns up looking beautiful and ready to celebrate. You are her best friend, so you will instantly know if she is the kind of girl to have a quiet, intimate dinner with her closest friends or a crazy, elaborate hen's party with champagne flowing into the wee hours of the morning. 

A few days before the wedding day, tell her to text you all the things she still needs to do and offer to help wherever possible. Hang out or call her because you can expect she will be feeling a little stressed and need some emotional support. Even if everything is going perfectly, it's normal to have some natural anxiety around the wedding day. Let her talk about it and release some of the wedding stress.

It's finally the big day. On the wedding day you will be by the bride's side from getting ready in the morning or early afternoon. It's hard to list all the duties for that day because you never know what will arise. Just keep your eyes open and take on any tasks you can. Gently delegate any jobs you can to others, especially anyone in the room who is stressing out the bride. Send the mother of the bride to check on flowers if she's hyping the bride up in a negative way or ask a responsible family member to give a quick call to key wedding vendors to make sure they are on the way. 

Make sure the bride's wedding dress is hanging up, all wedding accessories are laid out on the bed for the photographer, the bride and other bridesmaids keep hydrated (with water and champagne) and eat something before the wedding ceremony. If you can manage to check all these details off your to-do list, you will be acing the bridesmaids duties.

Here comes the bride and it's time for you to lead the walk down the aisle, looking gorgeous and smiling for the whole ceremony as your friend changes her status from engaged to married. After the ceremony you will be needed for group photos, and then you might be lucky enough to sneak a quick cocktail. Don't have too many because you need to give an epic wedding reception speech, keep an eye on the bride all night and hit the dance floor. The role of bridesmaid is exhausting and a big responsibility.

After the wedding day, your role of bridesmaid is almost over. Just a quick check in with your favorite girl around noon, maybe a delivery of some pain killers for the hangover and your job is done. Wave them off as they head for the honeymoon and it's time for you to rest and relax too.

November 02, 2021