Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by KieferPix


Weddings seem to almost always cost more than expected. If your wedding went over budget you are in good company. There are some ways to save some money and collect a few wedding freebies or complimentary services to bring that exploding budget down a little. Here are some tried and tested tips for keeping costs down, so you can spend more on the open bar.

Printable Wedding Details 

Save a bomb by using free online printables to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception. Signs, seating plans, invitations, name tags and wedding favor labels are just some of the numerous items you might have to print for your wedding. You can find many modern and stylish free options online if you are not too fussy. You still have to pay for the actual printing but you can save on the initial design cost (or print at work when your boss is at lunch to save even more).

Online Competitions 

If you do an internet search on bridal competitions you will find many magazines, websites and other companies that offer some wonderful prizes for couples getting married. Sometimes they want to hear your engagement story or see wedding photos after the wedding day. It's an easy way to win some awesome prizes including big ticket items like holidays and diamond rings. 

Airline Upgrade 

If you are flying somewhere for the wedding or honeymoon you can try for an upgrade. When you check in to catch your plane just say, "We are on our way to get married (or on our honeymoon). Do you have any complimentary upgrades please?" Make sure you say the word complimentary because you don't want to pay for first class. You have a good chance of getting bumped up to a lovely seat to sip champagne before you take off darling!

Bonus Tip: If you didn't get the upgrade you can ask for your wedding dress to be stored in first class. They have wardrobes amongst the many luxuries available and many airlines will hang your dress so it doesn't get creased. Even if you can't go first class, maybe your dress can.

Room Upgrades 

Basically the same as the airline but you can ask at the time of booking or the time of checking in. Likely it will be different people handling the booking and check in so you double your chance of getting a nicer room at no extra cost. 

You can only ask and the answer can be yes or no. If it's no, then you lost nothing. If it's yes you are going to be high-fiving yourself.

Honeymoon Drinks 

As you head for your honeymoon you can keep the fantastic freebie momentum rolling. If you are at a bar or restaurant and get chatting to the waiter or other customers mention you just got married, show your phone with some cute just married photos and smile sweetly holding hands. Someone may offer to buy you a round of drinks. 

Most people love a wedding and loves to play a part in making the joyous occasion even more joyful. People are often more than happy to give you a little something extra leading up to your wedding day or you could hit the bridal jackpot and win an all expenses paid honeymoon in the Bahamas. You never know your luck.