Content By Bernice Lam

Photography by Alesia Kan


We've all been there. You've known your friend for over a decade, and want to give them the present they deserve on their wedding day, but the registry has been picked over. Now, all that's left are the most expensive gifts and the most boring gifts. Certainly, nothing is left that can demonstrate your happiness for their special day and your appreciation for their friendship. Cash can be good, but it just seems so cold. So what's a friend to do? Thankfully, in the 21st Century we have the internet at our fingertips. To find a wedding gift that fits the married couple's personality, has a unique flair, or a personal touch, check out these three websites:

Uncommon Goods

Unique, higher end gifts abound at The site even has a dedicated weddings section to help narrow down your gift search, but don't stick to that section. Check out the kitchen and bar tools, and don't miss the sections for personalized gifts. might be particularly helpful if you are looking for a wedding gift that the groom will enjoy, as sports memorabilia made out of stadiums and a variety of beer and whiskey accessories are available on the site. Are the newlyweds pet lovers? You can find a special gift for their furry friend here, too.


While primarily a clothing store, also stocks a selection of home goods that are perfect for the slightly quirky, colorful bride and groom. From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom, you can find a gift that matches the newlyweds' personality and home. The site updates with new items daily, so if you don't find the perfect gift the first time around, keep checking back. As a bonus, while you're on the site you might even find the perfect dress or pair of shoes to wear to the wedding!


No list about unique gifts would be complete without, the vast online marketplace for homemade and vintage goods. Whether your friend would appreciate a vintage Pyrex set that matches their grandmother's, or a set of Star Wars-themed curtains with which to start their new married life, you can find it on Etsy. One neat idea that can lend a personal, thoughtful twist to your wedding gift is to find an old postcard, map, or poster that depicts the location where the couple is getting married. You can get it framed, or give them a gift certificate to a framing store to allow them to match the frame to their home's decor. Etsy has gifts for all personalities, price ranges, and occasions. The only danger with Etsy is the inevitable time commitment, as you will spend time exploring the huge selection. However, though it may take you some time, you will not have any problem finding a unique wedding gift on the site.

Weddings are the most special day in many people's lives. They represent the bringing together of two lives, and the union of families and friends as well as of the couple. If you want your gift to reflect how special the day is and how much the happy couple means to you, go beyond the registry, and use the incredible power of the internet to find the perfect gift.