5 Steps to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

perfect engagement ring

You have already accomplished the hardest part by choosing the person you wish to marry. The next most challenging thing is choosing the perfect engagement ring. Continue reading for tips on shopping for the ultimate ring both you and your partner will love.


Choose a style 

Choosing a style is an essential step when selecting an engagement ring. Many people struggle in this area because of a lack of ideas. To gather ideas for an engagement ring, you have quite a few options--browse on Pinterest or other online sites, or look at rings in jewelry stores to gather ideas before you go shopping. However, most people don't realize they should choose an engagement ring that complements their wedding band. What is the most important thing to consider when choosing your engagement ring style? Here are a few things to think about:

Traditional or alternative? 

The list of possible engagement ring styles is endless. For example, you could choose from vintage rings, antique rings, or something more modern and trendier. It's mostly a matter of taste. The simplicity of a gold band with a solitary centered diamond reflects the traditional engagement ring. Instead of the single diamond, you could also choose a rose-cut diamond, a ring stack, or a cluster of diamonds. Of course, you might select other gems instead of or as well as diamonds. You will also need to choose the metal the ring is made of. You could pick from yellow, white or rose gold, silver or platinum, for example.

The center stone 

Now to choose which center stone shape you would like. Jewelry experts say that 75 percent of engagement rings feature a round center stone. Other shapes include oval, diamond, and heart-shaped, to name a few.

Lifestyle concerns 

If you are a dog groomer, landscaper, chef, or have another profession working with your hands, you should consider this when choosing your engagement ring. For example, a band with a smooth surface is ideal for people who work with their hands because a detailed engagement ring can trap more dirt and debris. A ring with low sitting jewels would also be more suitable for you. If you're hard on jewelry, it's essential to choose a simple engagement ring that can withstand a few knocks.

Your engagement ring budget 

Your budget doesn't have to limit your creativity and style when you're buying an engagement ring. Today, many jewelers offer financing options on almost all diamond engagement rings if you're comfortable with paying it off. If you can't find financing opportunities, save money by purchasing a ring according to your budget and decide on a maximum price range you can comfortably afford. Remember, you may have many other expenses such as your honeymoon and a house and furniture to think about as well. The best advice is to determine an amount you're comfortable with and try your utmost to stick to that when choosing.

Have a look at 5 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Engagement Ring for more ideas. If you can't find a ring you love after using these steps, consider having a one-of-a-kind ring made especially for you. While this option might be more expensive, you will have the engagement ring you absolutely love.

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