5 Ways To Incorporate Color Into Your Bridal Look

newlywed couple adding purple color to their wedding look

Becoming a bride is such an exciting time! And planning what to wear and how to style the look is part of all the the fun! How can you stand out from the crowd and make your bridal look unique to you for a day you'll remember forever? The answer is  color! Color can show off your personality, help to add some drama and extravagance. It can also help keep in line with a theme or color scheme you may have chosen to give your wedding planning some directions. We've got some easy ways you can incorporate color into your overall bridal look - whether you're looking to add subtle details, or whether you want to truly make a statement. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit!

1. The Dress

This seems like an obvious choice. Yet, you may not be the type of bride who wants to go all out and wear a completely different color on her wedding day. Colorful bridal wear is not uncommon in certain cultures. And wearing white is not mandatory for you as the bride, no matter what your background may be. However, if you still would like to keep it somewhat traditional with a white or ivory bridal outfit, then you can incorporate color into the look in clever ways that will add the perfect finishing touch.

Consider accessorizing your gown with a bridal belt or sash in the color of your choice to accentuate your waist. Similarly, a colored ribbon could be used in a gown with a corset back for lacing. A more subtle yet unique way of bringing some color into your outfit could be lining it so that there is just a flash of color when you twirl, dance or even walk up the aisle. That's right, you can put the color on the inside of your dress! It will be your own little secret, unless you want the world to know!

2. The Accessories 

A bridal look is about more than just the gown or outfit, and you can definitely use this to your advantage when it comes to adding color. However you choose to accessorize, you can add color, be it through jewelry, hairpiece or even the veil! You can select gemstones that relate to your chosen color family, or colored pearls would be a great way to modernize a classic and elegant look. If your bridal look is completely traditional, amp things up by choosing a real conversation piece in color to adorn your hair with. As for your veil, consider colorful embroidery or beading to decorate the border for some flair. 

3. The Bouquet

Again, it may seem obvious to add color in a bridal bouquet, but this can make all the difference! Traditional bridal looks can be enhanced with dramatic pops of color in floral and foliage. Nowadays, there are many unconventional elements you can add to get people talking. Consider ideas such as berries, feathers or pampas within the bouquet itself. The best part about this option is that your bouquet isn't a permanent part of the look. This is a great way to play around and still not be overwhelmed by this option in all your photos and throughout your day.

4. The Shoes

This is truly one of the best - and simplest - ways to add color! In fact, bridal shoes can be difficult to come across, or may be rather expensive in traditional colors and materials. So if there is one way to have your cake and eat it, this is it! A great pair of shoes in a daring color could complete your look beautifully. You can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like and depending on the style of your chosen outfit, no one really has to know unless you want them to, by flashing an ankle here or there for a little bit of color pop tease. This is definitely a way to save some bucks, too, as you're more likely to get more use out of a non-traditional shoe on your wedding day in the long term.

5. The Mani/Pedi

Not so brave or not so sure about committing to color so blatantly throughout your bridal look? That's understandable, so perhaps you'd prefer a truly subtle option with the potential to get as loud as you'd like! Your manicure is a pretty important part of your look, naturally, because of the wedding rings. You can be bold and choose a color that breaks all the rules, or take note of current trends and techniques that allow you to selectively and strategically add details where it matters, such as on your ring finger alone. This is a great way to add color without a lot of sacrifice and without spending too much, either.

These ideas should get you creatively thinking about how to incorporate color into your bridal look. After all, color could be the answer to the perfect combination for your big day. Always remember that there should be no limits on what makes you look and feel your best on the very special occasion.

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