7 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Ahead of Your Wedding

lose weight ahead of your wedding

Ahead of your wedding, you probably receive lots of subtle messages from friends, family and bridal websites. What about? That you can't possibly consider heading into the big day with extra pounds on. You need to remember however, that your weight won't be what comes to your mind when you think of your wedding years later.You will, instead, think of the wonderful time that you had. It's important to not pressure yourself and sour the delicious anticipation of the days before the wedding. It should be enough to lose enough weight to be healthy. Here are tips on how to approach a weight loss plan for your wedding.

Begin your weight-loss plan early enough

Losing weight shouldn't be just about getting your weight down for an immediate goal. When you lose weight in a hurry for a particular event, you tend to have a hard time keeping the weight off. Instead, you should think of making a lifestyle change that helps you sustain yourself at the healthy weight level that you arrive at.

You should consider starting your weight-loss plan the day after you get engaged. From that point, you can work on a plan that helps you slowly and steadily shed weight without pressure. If you wait until the month before your wedding, you will make yourself miserable driving yourself to lose weight too quickly.

Rope in an accountability partner

When you have a buddy to lose weight with, you'll find that you are less inclined to cut yourself too much slack, slow down or cheat. Having a partner to do your workouts with can help you stay motivated, as well. Workouts are always better with an accountability partner.

Set aside enough time each day to work out

It isn't enough to resolve to work out. You need to decide where the time will come from. You may need to move things around on your schedule every day to make sure that your workouts aren't rushed. When you make enough time in your day, you can be certain that you are serious about losing weight.

Turn to high-intensity interval training

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you need to turn to something other than steady jogging on the treadmill. High-intensity interval training methods have been shown to burn calories much faster, and even raise your metabolism for days after. You will expend a great deal of energy as your body works hard to add new muscle tissue. Mrs At Last subscribers can take advantage of 30% off FIT Body Bride Workouts, offered by GTA Fitness Solutions. Let them help you be your best!

Introduce change to your workouts

If your rate of weight loss seems to slow down at any point, you should consider the possibility that your body is simply getting used to your current workout. The more efficient it gets at a workout plan, the less energy it expends, and the less calories you burn. It's important to change your workout plan once a month to include new workouts. You should experiment with different weights, speeds and interval lengths.

Switch to a clean eating plan

When you get on a clean eating plan, you avoid processed foods in favor of natural, whole foods. Cutting processed foods out of your diet, by itself, can help you lose weight. Clean eating can also help you feel more energetic, thanks to the additional nutrients that the diet puts in your body.

Maintain a food journal

If you're not used to being on weight loss plans, you may find yourself getting careless from time to time, and allowing yourself little snacks or other calorie-rich foods. These can add up to raise the number of calories that you get. It can be a good idea to start a food journal, one in which you record down every single thing that you eat. You may discover that you eat far more than you ever realized. A journal can make it easier for you to control how much you eat.

Remember that you don't need to get to some special magic number on the weighing scale by the day of your wedding. You can have a beautiful wedding even if you're a few pounds short of your aim. You should remember that the wedding isn't a contest. It's only about having a wonderful time.

For more tips on how to lose weight and look your best for your wedding day, check out Guide to Losing Weight for a Special Occasion.

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