Bridal Beauty: Tips and Tricks for Looking and Feeling Your Best on Your Big Day

African American bride on her wedding day; entire bridal party wearing blue dresses cheering her on

Attention all brides-to-be! Your wedding day is approaching, and we know you want to shine brighter than the stars! Don't worry, we've got you covered with expert bridal beauty tips and tricks to prepare you for your big day. From skincare routines to hair and makeup ideas, this article has everything you need!

You've set the date for your big day, and now the countdown begins! Don't let your bridal beauty routine fall by the wayside - it's time to revamp and refresh to ensure you're glowing as you walk down the aisle. Whether you're still months away or just a few short weeks, it's never too early to start thinking about how to look and feel your best on your wedding day. Let's get started!

Get ready to shine like a star on your wedding day! Our health and beauty timeline has got you covered, with tips on everything you need to look your absolute best. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to flawless makeup, and even shed some extra pounds with our suggestions for healthy eating. Trust us, you'll be looking radiant in those wedding photos!

Our first tip for you? Make sure you start your getting ready plan at least a year before your wedding or as long as possible beforehand. 


12 Months Before Your Wedding

Create an Easy-to Follow Stress-Busting Plan

Don't let wedding planning stress sabotage your big day! Take charge and tame those tension tigers by crafting a stress-busting strategy that works for you - whether it's striking a yoga pose, pounding the pavement on a run, or chilling with some guided meditation. Your digestion, complexion, and sleep will thank you! 

Women in a yoga / meditation class; working on a wedding stress relief plan

Start a Skincare Routine

Transform your skin with a killer game plan! A pro dermatologist can assess your skin's needs and work their magic to smooth out any bumps in the road. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and some treatments take time to show results. Don't wait till the last minute to start your skin's glow up journey!

Your wedding dress will showcase your radiant skin, so don't neglect the delicate décolletage area! Give it the TLC it deserves by patting dry after showers and moisturizing daily. Let your skin glow like the star you are on your big day. 

Skin care professional helping a bride with her beauty routine

Put the Tweezers Down

Don't go brow-crazy! Step away slowly and let those beauties grow into their natural shape. Trust us, it's worth the wait. When the big day comes, book an appointment with an aesthetician and watch as they work their magic on your luscious, full brows. It's the picture-perfect look you've been dreaming of! 

Woman / bride tweezing her eyebrows

Take Care of Your Nails

Get ready to steal the show on your big day! As you make your way down the aisle with your stunning bouquet and flash those gorgeous wedding rings in selfies, all eyes will be on your hands. So don't let dry, brittle nails steal the spotlight! Show them some love by applying nail oil every night to keep them healthy and strong. Trust us, your hands will thank you - and your photos will be picture-perfect! 

Woman / bride taking care of her nails; beauty tips and wedding nail care routine

Set Better Sleep Habits 

Sleep is the ultimate beauty treatment! It's when the body does all the hard work of repairing skin, hair, and muscles. Plus, the relaxing breathing that happens during sleep reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels. This means a glowing complexion, luscious locks, and a slimmer waistline. So, power down your screens an hour before bed, dim the lights, and keep your bedroom cool. Get ready to wake up looking and feeling like a million bucks! 

Woman sleeping with her dog; good sleep habits

Start Building Better Eating Habits

Nourish your body and glow from the inside out! Load up your plate with yummy veggies, wholesome grains, and protein that packs a punch. Don't forget to hydrate like a boss with at least eight glasses of refreshing water each day. 

A collection of healthy and fresh food; good healthy eating habits

9 Months Before Your Wedding

Make Time for Regular Facials

Transform your skin into a glowing masterpiece by booking regular facials with a skilled aesthetician. Work together to craft a customized plan that will leave you feeling like a true work of art. 

Wedding beauty tips; woman getting a facial; blue mask on woman during a facial

Experiment With Different Hair Colors

Ready to make a bold statement with your wedding hair? Time to try out that daring hair color you've been dreaming of! Don't worry if it's not your cup of tea - you've got plenty of time to grow it out or switch it up to a shade that suits you. And if you're thinking of a hair straightening treatment, now's the perfect time to test it out. It's important to know if it's a match made in heaven or a disaster waiting to happen! Plus, your hair will have plenty of time to recover if it's a no-go. 

 Different hair colors; silver, golden blond, ash blond, copper red, reddish purple and dark brown

Create a Custom Workout Plan and Meal Plan

Ready to take your health to the next level? It's time to get serious about your diet and exercise routine. Don't just wing it - make a schedule and stick to it! Incorporate strength training and cardio workouts to really amp up your results. And when it comes to meals, plan ahead or prep them in advance so you won't be tempted by less healthy options. Keep those goals in mind, babe - you'll be glowing with health and vitality on your big day! 

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 Good workout and eating routine; weights, planner, food, measuring tape

6 Months Before Your Wedding

Add a Weekly Skin Exfoliation Routine

Get ready to glow on your wedding day! If you're not already exfoliating, start now (unless it irritates your skin, then skip it). Keep your skin looking bright and fresh by regularly exfoliating with a brightening serum. For a natural scrub, mix equal parts sugar and coconut oil - your skin will thank you. Start with once a week and work up to twice weekly for maximum radiance. 

Wedding beauty tips; darker skinned woman getting her face exfoliated; skin exfoliation routine


3 Months Before Your Wedding

Scheduled Spray Tan Appointments

Get ready to glow on your big day! Schedule a spray tan test run now to ensure you're picture perfect. Don't risk missing out - book your wedding appointment well in advance! 

Different shades of spray tan on a body

Treat Yourself to Regular Manicures

Who doesn't want their hands and nails looking fabulous on their wedding day? Regular manicures are a must for nail health, so don't skimp! Treat yourself to a professional manicure every few weeks leading up to the big day. And when it comes to choosing a color, consider going neutral. But if you're feeling bold, choose a shade that complements your dress and bouquet. Let your hands do the talking with a stunning manicure! 


Wedding beauty tips; manicure appointment; woman getting her nails done

Indulge in Deep Conditioning for Your Hair

Pamper your locks with some TLC - a deep conditioning treatment is just what you need! If your hair is in dire need of help, start right away and treat it weekly or every other month. To whip up a quick DIY deep conditioning treatment, grab 1/4 cup of olive or coconut oil and warm it up. Slather it onto your hair, let it soak for 30 minutes, and rinse off with your favorite shampoo. You're on the road to having silky smooth hair for your wedding day! 

Bridal beauty tips; woman indulging in a hair conditioning treatment

1 Month or Less Before Your Wedding

Book All Your Wedding Day Beauty Appointments

Don't let pre-wedding jitters wreck your beauty game! Get a head start on your glam squad by booking your nail, hair and makeup appointments well ahead of the big day. After all, who needs extra stress when there's a rehearsal dinner to plan, guests to welcome, and a whole lot of love to celebrate! 

Laptop on desk; scheduling appointments


Getting Your Lash Extensions Done

Make your wedding day a tear-jerking success with these lash tips: schedule your extensions three weeks prior and a touch-up three days before, and if you're sticking with your natural lashes, waterproof mascara is a must-have to avoid any runny mascara mishaps. 

Bridal beauty tips; one eye has lash extensions


Your Final Wedding Day Manicure & Pedicure

Pamper yourself with a flawless manicure and pedicure two days prior to the big event! Don't settle for chipped or lackluster nails, opt for a long-lasting gel polish that will shine as bright as you do.

Bridal beauty tips; bridal manicure & pedicure

Your wedding day is the ultimate pinnacle of your life, a day where you want to shine bright like a diamond. With a pinch of pre-planning and a dash of preparation, you can craft a bridal beauty timeline that will leave you looking like a superstar and feeling like a boss babe. From a healthy diet to lush lashes, we've shared some must-know secrets and pro tips for brides-to-be who want to slay on their big day! 

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