Don't Do These Things Before Your Wedding If You Want to Look Your Best

before your wedding

The countdown to your weding is no time to work too hard or begin experimenting with anything to do with your appearance. Any experimenting comes with the potential for mistakes. This list should help you recognize where you can go wrong.

Don't experiment with your hairdo

In the months leading up your wedding, you will sit through dozens of consultations and trials for everything from your dress and shoes to your makeup. The way your hair looks is an important part of the choices made in these consultations. If you do make a major hairstyle or color change, though, it will throw off the assumptions that everyone has made through the course of making these choices. Your dress and your jewelry may not go with your new hair. The most that you can do is to get a quarter-inch trim a few days before your wedding.

Another reason why trying a new color is bad

You don't want to try a new hair color up to 10 days before your wedding -- even if you means turning down an appointment with the best hair colorist in the world. There's no way to know how a new color will look once it oxidizes on your hair. If you want a little extra shine and presence, you should try something without changing your color. Clear gloss for extra sheen is an idea. If you do make the mistake of getting a new color that doesn't seem to work for you, you can right away get recolored with what you usually use (unless your choice of color uses much bleach).

Don't start a new workout

Two to four weeks before the big day isn't when you start a new workout to get into better shape. It's very easy to pull a muscle doing an unfamiliar routine; you can also become sore if your workout stresses your muscles in new ways. Either scenario could have you limping down the aisle or on the dance floor. Whatever workout you've always had, that's what you should continue with, starting a month before your wedding.

No spray tanning

There's nothing wrong with getting an artificial tan right before your wedding. A spray tanning booth isn't the method you should pick, though. Uneven coloring is difficult to avoid with the automatic sprays that booths have. You should get a tanning specialist to manually apply the solution by hand to make sure that it's even. You should also remember to exfoliate before you get your spray tan. You'll get a longer lasting tan then.

Don't go after a new bridal look on the day of your wedding

You should always try on different looks with your makeup when you have the time to think calmly. You can consult with a makeup artist to find out what really goes well with your skin type, your wedding color palette, the weather and so on. Many brides do go through such a trial, but then panic on the day of the wedding, worrying about having made the wrong choices. Makeup is complex and certainly nothing you should rethink when you don't have time. You just need to trust in what you've decided during the trial.

Sometimes, you can find that your makeup doesn't work out on the day; it simply doesn't apply as well as it did during the trials. Dehydration is the usual reason for this -- you forget to drink enough water each day in the run-up to the wedding. Makeup doesn't go on well when you're dehydrated. It's important to remember -- drink enough water and stay away from too much sun. Tanning dries your skin up.

Trying out a fruit juice cleanse

Brides often worry about breakouts showing up right before their wedding. One mistake that many brides make actually brings these on -- a fruit juice cleanse. Such a cleanse may seem like a good idea -- you could look fresher and more radiant. It could have exactly the opposite effect, though.

To begin, depriving your system of the nutrition that you need will make you look tired and drawn. Then, there is the problem that most juices have lots of sugar. Pumping sugar into your system like this, you could actually encourage breakouts. You don't want to try any strange new diets or cleanses before your wedding -- you need three square meals a day to keep your energy up. If you still do get a breakout, any good makeup artist can cover it up.

Stay away from microdermabrasion and peels

Skin peels may seem to promise radiant skin; they are a terrible idea right before your wedding, though. After one of these treatments, your skin can continue to flake or peel off for days. Makeup can be impossible.

Finally, make sure that you live healthfully

The state of your health easily shows on your skin. If you spend your time in the run-up to your wedding on all-night bachelorette parties and cups of coffee, it will show. The best way to look good on your wedding day is to be healthy and well-rested.

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