5 Essential Items a Bride Should Have in her Purse

must have items in a bride's purse

It's a well-known fact that most girls carry everything but the kitchen sink in their handbags: half-eaten biscuits, old train tickets, and that nail file with no file left on it! But neither these things, nor most of the other stuff lurking in your tote will actually help you on your wedding day. Here are the must-have items in a bride's purse that she (or someone in the bridal party) should have on hand.


1. Hair and Makeup Essentials

For those that opt not to have their hair and makeup team with them all day, it’s important to have a few essentials to help touch up your makeup. Blotting paper to help with shine, lipstick and gloss to reapply after drinks and food, and q tips to help with any unwanted smudges or fall out that might have happened. 

Your hairstylist should know have you covered for the entire day, but sometimes things just happen and it’s good to be prepared with some bobby pins and hair ties. 

2. Travel Size Sewing Kit / Tape

With so many things happening on the wedding day, there is a chance your dress can get a snag or it just needs a little bit of help to stay in place. Having a small sewing kit in your purse can help with anything minor that might happen, including a run away button. Also, having some fashion tape can help secure your dress in place should anything arise. Best to be safe than sorry!

3. First Aid Kit

The wedding day is a marathon and sometimes you need a bit of help to make it till the end. Your perfect shoe could cause some discomfort, having band-aids on hand is key. From getting up early, trying to fit in meals between the ceremony, photos, and the reception, you may end up not being well fed or hydrated. Having some aspirin in your purse could help if a headache starts to creep in.

4. A spare pair of undies, liners and tampons 

Our bodies are truly wonderful, but sometimes it can also surprise us. Even if you have planned to the tee that it shouldn’t be your time of the month during your big day, you never know if anyone else in your bridal party might have misjudged and forgotten. It is never a bad thing to have these in your purse at all times.

5. Tissues

Celebrating love, especially your love, is emotional. It can bring lots of laughter, but it can also bring tears of joy. It is never a bad thing to let your emotions show, and if tissues are packed in the bag, your bridesmaid can swiftly pass you one at any time. So, you can cry and still be able to keep your makeup intact.

You can tailor your bag and add any other items you may need. Just make sure the 5 must have items in the bride's purse are close by. It will help ease your mind so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. 

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