Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Florist

wedding florist

The role of a florist can vary greatly depending on who you hire. As you begin your search, think about what you want your florist to do for your wedding. Before you sign a contract, be sure to ask your wedding florist these six questions.

Question 1: Are you able to work within the budget? 

Discussing the budget is one of the first things to do with the florist. If you have ideas that simply do not work with the dollar amount, they should tell that to you right away. Florists can also suggest alternatives to fit your budget.

Question 2: Can you show examples of your work?

Florists should have photos or live samples of their past work. You want to make sure you like their style of decorating. If you are unsure about what you want for your own wedding, seeing the samples will help you gather some ideas.  

Question 3: Have you done weddings at this reception site?

If the florist has worked at your reception site, they will have an understanding of the style and colors that work best there. They will also have an understanding of any venue policies, such as height restrictions. If they have not been to the site before, ask them if they are willing to visit and learn more about it. 

Question 4: Have you worked at many weddings?

This question helps you determine if the florist has experience in large functions. Chances are you have not hired a florist before, so you want someone who knows the process. If the florist specializes in bouquets for gifts, then they are not the right person for you. 

Question 5: Do you offer other services?

Florists tend to offer extras, such as event furniture or tablecloths. These extras can save you from needing to hire other professionals to do the same job. If they do not offer a particular service, ask them for any recommendations they have. If they have someone in the wedding industry that they trust, you know that they will work well together. 

Question 6: What will you do on the wedding day?

Some florists simply drop off the events and decorations at the venue. Other florists can assist in set-up before the wedding and picking up after the reception is over. Since you will be busy, you want to make sure the decoration set-up is taken care of. 

In Conclusion

With all of the craziness that comes with wedding planning, you want to find a florist that is experienced and can help you through the design process. Asking potential wedding florists these six questions will help you find the best one for your big day. 

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