Wearing a Onesie to Get Your Wedding Tan and Make Up Done

Woman wearing a wedding onesie

Is your wedding day coming up in the next few weeks? If it is, then you are probably super excited and running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done in time. Not the least of these tasks is the need to get your spray tan right before the wedding day so that you look absolutely gorgeous in your gown. Are you worried about the horrible streaks that sometimes show up when you get a spray tan? Don’t be, because we are going to tell you about a little secret about wearing a wedding onesie. It's going to help you get the perfect spray tan – without any of those ugly streaks or lines. 

Lounge onesies are perfect for you to wear when you get your tan a few days prior to the wedding. It has a full-length zipper that allows you to step inside of it to avoid those unsightly telltale streaks that appear when trying to get back into your clothing after a spray tanning session. 

It’s a great bargain because you can also use your adult-size onesie to keep your wedding day make up looking pristinely perfect on the day of the big event. Just slip it on before having your make up done or doing it yourself and step right out of it afterward. Just like you did with the spray tan!

Wearing a wedding onesie to avoid creating streaks on your skin when spray tanning is easy, affordable, and fun. You can even personalise it with a phrase like “Bride to Be” and pick from a bunch of different colors! Having one will make your wedding make up and hair preparation feel more comfortable, giving you time to relax before the big moment. Read Makeup Tips for Your Wedding to ensure that you're fully prepared!

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