10 Fashion-Forward Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses

Women wearing the floor-length bridesmaid dress trend

10 Fashion-Forward Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses

Fashion for bridesmaids has evolved and changed dramatically over the years, but one thing has remained constant. Brides want these special people to have a place of honor at their weddings, and they want them to look amazing in that role. Here are 10 current trends in bridesmaids' dresses that the wedding party will love to wear.

Pastel Floral Prints

Floral prints are on-trend right now, and pastels are the most popular color family in weddings. Soft, understated flower patterns add a romantic feeling to the event, especially at an afternoon ceremony or a garden wedding. A watercolor style floral pattern is a popular choice.

Wrapped Dresses

Modern wrapped skirts in an airy fabric are free-flowing and light, making bridesmaids look like angels. Wrapped skirts may feature a fabric bow at the hip and can be paired with any neckline. Bodices will often echo the skirts by incorporating swatches of cloth wrapped around the waist or used as sleeves.

Metallic Fabrics

Bridesmaids dresses in a shimmering metallic gold, silver, or copper are an elegant choice. This fabric looks fantastic in many different styles and is perfect at a formal, evening wedding. It is also a stunning choice for holiday weddings.

All White Bridemaid Dresses

This trend breaks the rule that the only one at the wedding to wear white should be the bride. Dressing the bridal party in white is striking, dramatic, and unexpected. Some couples will even put the groomsmen in white tuxes or suits. This risky choice is one for a confident bride who knows she will shine bright enough on her wedding day that there will be no confusion that she is the bride.


Short skirts on bridesmaids were on trend a few years ago, but those hems are coming down to a dressier length. Long dresses for bridesmaids are a detail of a formal, upscale affair, and floor-length gowns look perfect with groomsmen in tuxedos.  

Slip Dresses

Sexy slip dresses are a trend that brings sophistication and style to a wedding party. Slip dresses are typically used for weddings with a contemporary theme and will complement a bride who has chosen a sleek, modern gown for herself. Wraps or boleros may be added to the dresses for modesty during the ceremony or for colder temperatures.

Velvet Gowns

Velvet is a rich fabric that is perfect for formal occasions. It is a heavier choice than most bridal material, making it most appropriate for winter or fall weddings. Velvet dresses are usually found in dark colors like jewel tones, and velvet pieces may be mixed with satin or other fabrics. Velvet is also wonderful for adding comforting texture to gowns.


Gorgeous coral is a trending wedding color that combines the sweetness of pink with the boldness of orange. It works for many shades and skin tones and looks pretty with a variety of other colors. Coral lends itself particularly to warm weather weddings with a tropical, floral, or beach theme.

Leg Slits

High leg slits bring drama to formalwear, and the benefits multiply on a row of bridesmaids. Slits that go to the upper thigh are trending in the fashion world, so bridesmaids are sure to be happy with the style. It will also make them look fantastic on the dance floor.

All Matching

There was a time when it was popular to allow bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. Sometimes there was a color or color palette to use. Modern brides are opting for the more old-school approach of dressing bridesmaids exactly the same. It is considered good manners to ask for bridesmaids' input before choosing the dresses and for the bride's family to pay for them if they can afford it. The uniform look does make a pretty picture.

It's important that the bridal party looks beautiful for pictures and the ceremony, but it can be tricky to find the right dresses. Pleasing several people is never easy. But following some fashion trends can help lead to the perfect choice.