10 Wedding Gown Trends for Brides-to-Be

10 Wedding Gown Trends for Brides-to-Be

The only consistent rule in bridal fashion is that trends change each season. Sometimes the trends follow the greater fashion world, and other times they are unique to the bridal sphere. Here are 10 current trends in wedding gowns that have recently hit the runways.

Old-Fashioned Lace Gowns

In decades past, full lace gowns have been considered outdated or matronly, but this romantic style has become popular again. Today's lace gowns feature modern details like sheer areas or fitted skirts, so you don't have to worry about being compared to your grandmother's tablecloth. Mixing lace patterns in skirt tiers or from the bodice to the train is very fashionable.

Dramatic Necklines

Current necklines in bridal wear are all about making a statement. This can be achieved in a number of ways. For instance, consider a sexy deep-v or sweetheart that shows off the cleavage, or through something more modest like an oversized crumb catcher, fan-shaped detail, or bow at the neckline that will draw the eye to the bride's face.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are very much on-trend in all kinds of fashion, even bridal gowns. Nowadays, most florals in wedding wear are soft and subtle. And, they are typically seen in a pale pastel shade over a white gown. Bridal florals can also be a textured white on white or ivory on white. As a result, brides can also choose to use a floral print veil over a traditional white dress.

Embellished Sleeves

Two decades ago, it was nearly impossible to find a wedding gown with sleeves. Now, sleeves are often a focal point of the dress. Details like poofs, buttons, and lace overlays are all popular choices. As well, long, bell-shaped sleeves are also on-trend.

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Ball Gowns

Sleek and sexy gowns were all the rage in recent years, but brides with visions of being a princess are in luck because ball gowns have stepped back into the spotlight and the skirts just keep getting bigger. Brides can definitely have their Cinderella moment in the current selection of dresses. Even within the ball gown category, there are several variations in the silhouette, skirt fabric, and other details.

Casual Wedding Gowns 

Many couples are choosing a small ceremony with just a few guests followed by a large party several weeks or months later. As such, these brides can often opt for a casual look during the ceremony. This can mean a short, flirty dress, a jumpsuit, or even white palazzo pants. As a result, the traditional wedding gown can be saved for the reception. Some brides prefer a more casual wedding gown even if the ceremony will be traditional.

Tiered Skirts

Many bridal styles this season include skirts with tiers. These can be on fitted gowns and often involve fringe or another detail that creates movement. In addition, they can also be tiers on a layered ball gown. Sometimes the tiers are in different fabrics or patterns of lace. Similarly, tiers of tulle are sometimes used to create a fuller than average skirt.

Light Fabrics

Wedding gowns seen recently on runways are constructed with light, flowing fabrics as many brides are opting for a romantic, airy wedding theme. Therefore, these dresses allow brides to look like they are floating down the aisle.

Single Sleeve

The asymmetrical one-shoulder gown is on-trend, especially for fashion-forward contemporary brides. These dresses include a single sleeve or one strap and leave the other shoulder bare. Sometimes the strap is covered with fabric flowers or heavy beading.

Long Trains

Many modern brides want to be followed by a long, elegant train that looks amazing spread out on the floor in pictures. Trains can be plain or embellished, and scallops are a popular choice for hems. Sometimes the train is part of the dress itself, and other times it is attached to the veil. Some brides choose a long, transparent veil with a train that settles over a satin train on the skirt.

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These 10 wedding gown trends in bridal fashion are flexible enough that they can work for almost any wedding style or theme, so brides are sure to find the perfection option.

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