5 Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for a Wedding Gown

Bride shopping for wedding gown

Buying a bridal gown is a huge part of planning your wedding and it likely is one of your biggest expenses. Most brides make a day of it, inviting bridesmaids and family to come along for support. Shopping for your wedding dress can be a fun and memorable occasion that brings you closer to friends and family. Just be sure that you are not making one of these common wedding gown mistakes.


Not having a clear budget

Wedding gowns can range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands. It is important that you assess how much you can spend on a dress and then stick to that budget.Only try on dresses that are in your price range and don't even look at anything else. Falling in love with a dress that you cannot afford will only create a negative experience.

When considering how much to spend, keep in mind that almost any dress you choose will need alterations. Also think about additional items you will need to purchase. This would be things such as a veil, headpiece, shoes, and underwear that is appropriate for the dress. 

Not setting boundaries with your guests

In order for dress shopping to go smoothly, you'll need to ask yourself if you truly want the opinions of your entourage or if you are planning on making the decision alone. Also, make it clear that you are looking for their support, not necessarily their agreement on your choice. This can be particularly difficult if you have someone in your group who is especially opinionated.

If someone other than you is paying for the dress, that person might demand to have a say in what you choose. You may want to have a discussion with that person before you go shopping to determine just how much control is expected.

Not keeping an open mind

Wedding dresses come in many different silhouettes and styles, and you cannot tell how you will look in something until you put it on. You may be surprised that a style you weren't considering is especially flattering. You also may change your mind about your favorite style once you try it. Be open to trying on different shapes and fabrics so you can find exactly what will work best for you.

Being too worried about someone else's opinion

Think about the taste and style of the people you are bringing shopping with you. Chances are that the other people in your group would choose different dresses for you than you would choose for yourself. It's natural to want to please everyone, but the most important person to please on this day is yourself.

It's fine to hear what others have to say about the dress you pick, but don't get overly concerned about someone else's opinion. You are the bride, and that means you are the one who has to be happy with your choice.

Not being comfortable with your body

If you go wedding dress shopping hating your body, you will not like how you look in anything. It's important that you are able to assess how you look in a dress without obsessing over any perceived flaws or problem areas. Get comfortable with your body and celebrate your own unique beauty. This will make shopping for a gown much more enjoyable and is more likely to lead to success.

Final advice

Make shopping for your wedding dress a fantastic experience by setting yourself up for success. Avoid the wedding gown mistakes listed above and be clear about your expectation. Be sure the people you bring with you are supportive and care most about what makes you happy. With these things in place, you are sure to have a wonderful time as you search for the perfect wedding gown.

Now that you know all about what mistakes not to make, let's find you the perfect dress! Read how - 12 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress.

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