6 Popular Wedding Gown Fabrics for Your Bridal Style

Wedding gowns in various fabrics

What are your favorite fabrics when it comes to a wedding gown? Fabrics are something every bride must consider when shopping for a wedding gown. Your choice of fabric will depend on several factors including the season of your wedding, the silhouette of your dress, and the look you prefer. These are some fabrics commonly used in wedding gowns.



Chiffon is a very popular fabric in bridal styles because of its flowing quality. It instantly creates a romantic and elegant look and is forgiving enough to be excellent for every body type. For this reason, it is commonly used in dresses for bridesmaids as well as brides.

This type of fabric is technically a weaving pattern that can be made of different materials like silk, polyester, and rayon. It lends itself to summer weddings, especially those held outdoors.


Many people immediately think of lace when picturing a bridal gown. While some modern brides find lace too old-fashioned, many others see it as the most romantic fabric choice.

There are many different lace patterns. Some are more open while others are tighter. Lace is often seen as an overlay to another fabric, but it can also be used on a part of the gown that is meant to be partially transparent such as a high neckline or sleeves. It can be embellished with sequins, pearls, or other decorations.


Organza is a very light, mostly transparent fabric that is often used as an overlay on a skirt. It is a flowing fabric that creates a sense of movement and adds soft drama. It is also perfect for twirling in a full skirt.


Satin is another weaving pattern that can be made from a variety of materials, including silk or synthetic fabrics. It is popular in bridalwear because of its structure and shine. It can be used on its own in simple, elegant styles, but it is often used underneath lighter fabrics.


Silk is a luxurious fabric that is often used in elegant gowns. It can be light and flowing or highly structured, depending on the weave.

Charmeuse is a type of silk that is common in bridalwear. It is a soft, light silk with some luster. It is often used in styles that skim the body because it easily flows over curves but some brides do find that it is not especially forgiving and exposes every flaw.

Mikado is another type of silk that is popular for wedding gowns. It is a shiny, structured silk that tends to be thick and firm. It is commonly used in fit-and-flare or trumpet styles. Mikado is a great choice for winter weddings because of its weight.


Tulle is a light netting that is typically used to add volume to a skirt. When used on the outside of the dress, tulle is draped over another fabric and creates fluffy layers that can resemble clouds. It is also used for veils.

Layers of tulle can be used under a full skirt, most often in ball gown styles, to make the skirt stand out further. This tulle is often stiffer than the layers used on the outside of a gown.

It's good to know something about bridal fabrics before you go shopping for a wedding gown. When you come into the store knowing which fabrics you like and are suitable for your wedding, you can easily narrow down the range of dresses you will try on. Discovering the right fabric is an important step in choosing the perfect gown for your special day.

Now that you've learned all about wedding gown fabrics, let's make sure you ready to pick the perfect wedding dress! Read 12 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for more ideas. 

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