9 Beautiful Wedding Gown Trends to Wear in Spring and Summer

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The world of wedding fashion is always bursting with new ideas! And you can expect that the warm wedding season is going to bring a mixture of new trends and traditional looks. Brides will always want to be fashion-forward. But old-fashioned bridal style is also in the spotlight. Wondering what direction to go in for your own wedding gown and you're unsure? Hereare 9 wedding gown trends you can expect to see on the best-dressed spring and summer brides in 2023. We're confident this will help you make an easier decision.


Bow Detail Trend

After the big butt bows of the 80s, bows fell out of style on wedding gowns. But now that feminine detail is back, and it's bringing sweet innocence to wedding dresses everywhere.

Big, satin bows can definitely be part of the picture, but most bows are small details. You'll find them tucked away at the hip, on the shoulders or at the top of a keyhole opening in the back of the gown. They can be made of ribbon, tulle, or wired in sturdy fabric.

Tiered Wedding Gowns

Many wedding gowns have multi-tiered skirts this season. Some of them are fluffy layers that add tons of volume to a traditional ballgown. Others are lacy or sparkling tiers on a straight skirt that are reminiscent of a 1920s style.

Each tier can be more than a foot wide or just a few inches, and they can go all the way to the floor or be part of a shorter skirt.

Plunging V-Necks

Necklines this year continue to reach new, jaw-dropping depths. Brides who want to get noticed will find wide open plunges that show a lot of skin and will require some body tape to keep in place.

The plunging V-neck doesn't have to be a shocker. There are plenty of more modest styles available that include more fabric. Some have sheer or lace fabric between the V for extra coverage.


Capes are trending accessories in all areas of fashion, but the fairy-tale feeling they give is especially appropriate for brides.

A little capelet is a beautiful detail for a tailored bride, while a cape with flowing fabric will be stunning on a bride with a more romantic style. Capes can replace veils or be worn with them, depending on the dress. Some brides are even wearing capes backward, turning them into a decorative element of the bodice of the dress. This can make a dress more appropriate for a conservative ceremony at a place of worship. The cape can be removed later for the reception. 


Using tattooed fabric in a bridal gown is a wonderful way to add personality and detail to an otherwise traditional wedding dress.

Tattooed fabric incorporated a design that is created over tulle or other sheer fabric. The design can be beaded, embroidered, or done in some other way.

Tattooed pieces can be inserted into the back of the dress, on the bodice, on the sleeves, or as an accent on a skirt.

Sometimes brides will even use this technique as a way of bringing something unique to a bridal gown. A bride might use some beadwork or embroidery from her mother's wedding gown, for example, and add it to her own.

Slip Dresses

While some brides are opting for more frills and fabric, other brides are taking a more minimalist approach. The slip dress is an elegant and sophisticated choice for a bride who wants to tone down the accents but continues to command the spotlight.

A white slip dress with a simple veil is a gorgeous choice when it comes to a small, sophisticated celebration.

Boat Necklines

Thank the royal family for the current popularity of the boat neckline in wedding gowns. This type of bodice walks the line between sexy and modest, giving brides a regal air.

A boat neckline is a shallow scoop that runs from one shoulder to the other. It doesn't reveal cleavage, but it may accentuate the collar bone. Perfect for the brides who want to be modest yet a bit revealing at the same time. 

Sparkle Wedding Gowns

Piling on the bling has been a trend in recent weddings, but current brides are moving toward a more subtle sparkle when it comes to choosing a dress for the big day.

Instead of rhinestones, you'll see shimmering fabrics and even glittery details on the warm season's bridal wear. The effect is a bride who sparkles in the sunshine in a dress that matches her glowing expression of love. 

Puffy Sleeves

After decades of sleeveless gowns, the trend today is adding plenty of fabric to cover bridal arms.

Current puffy sleeves are not the airy poofs of the 1980s but rather a gathering of fabric that creates a pretty pocket. A puffed sleeve can be short or long, and it can be embellished with a line of buttons or other designs. Sometimes the puffs even begin off the shoulder, attached with a few stitches under the arms.

Bridal fashion is always changing, while continuing to cling to a traditional baseline. You'll see these 9 trends in upcoming bridal weeks in 2023. Wedding gowns for the spring and summer season are forecasted to have many of these details. And watch as they set the stage for a future of fabulous bridal style. Maybe you'll choose one of these 9 wedding gown trends as well?

Want more ideas for wedding gown trends in general? We've got you covered. Check out 10 Wedding Gown Trends for Brides-to-Be for more suggestions. 

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