Breaking with Tradition: Non-Traditional Bridal Looks for the Modern Bride

Non-traditional wedding outfit; bride wearing a white wedding suit

For brides who want to make a statement and break free from traditional bridal conventions, there are plenty of options available. From colorful gowns to jumpsuits and pantsuits, this article showcases innovative and daring bridal looks that are sure to turn heads. Have a look at the non-traditional bridal looks we've suggested.

 Wedding Jumpsuit 

Two brides on their wedding day; one bride wearing a wedding dress; one bride wearing a wedding jumpsuit

Get ready to ditch the traditional wedding outfits! The non-traditional bridal looks are now endless with ensembles ranging from separates to mini dresses and chic pant suits. And let's not forget the jumpsuits - they're all the rage for the effortless yet elegant, modern bride. And with styles to flatter every figure, the possibilities are truly endless!

White Wedding Suit

Bride wearing a white wedding jumpsuit

Ditch the pressure of finding the perfect wedding dress on your big day! Consider going with a suit, such as a statement two-piece. Let your personal style shine and have fun with it! For example, you can go bold with a look that'll take you from ceremony to celebration, or switch it up with another show stopping outfit. As well, add a modern twist to a classic bridal silhouette with textured fabrics or bold colors - the impact will be unforgettable!

Two-Piece Wedding Dress

Get ready to slay the fashion game with a two-piece that'll make your wedding outfit pop. There's no limit to what you can do with mix and match pieces, so have fun! 

Bride sitting down wearing a blush colored two-piece wedding dress

Non-White Wedding Dresses

Who says your dress has to be white? Pick your favorite color and let that be the inspiration for your wedding dress. Some cultures don't wear white on their wedding day anyway, so dare to be different and pick a different color!  What's the beauty of picking a non-white wedding dress? You can always repurpose it on another occasion again. 

Bride wearing a gold wedding dress Bride wearing a blue wedding dress  Bride wearing a black wedding dress

Floral Wedding Dresses

Floral wedding dresses - they mean different things to different people. Maybe you're a traditional bride, seeking an ivory gown adorned in intricate lace appliques. Or perhaps you want a combo of embroidered flowers and 3D elements. But why stop at tradition? Why not be a contemporary bride and rock a colorful floral printed gown? The choice is yours!

Bride wearing a floral wedding dress

Are you a bold bride and you're looking for even more wedding dress inspiration? Check out 15 Wedding Gown Trends for This Year's Bold Brides for more ideas!


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