10 Stylish Themes for Your Contemporary Wedding

contemporary wedding

Many of today's brides and grooms are interested in a wedding with contemporary style instead of something like a rustic, whimsical, or fairytale wedding. There are many options for weddings with a modern aesthetic and ambiance. Here are 10 modern and stylish wedding themes you might like to try.


Black and Gold

Using black as one of your wedding colors immediately signals that the event is contemporary, upscale and stylish. Gold adds elegance and flair. This combination works best in a minimalist situation where the décor is understated. Dress the wedding party in black and rent gold chairs for the ceremony. Keep bouquets and flower arrangements small and simple. For example, have the bride carry wine red roses tied together with a black ribbon, and each bridesmaid can carry a single rose. Flower arrangements might have one dark-colored bloom with some greenery and branches. Likewise, make table settings at the reception black with gold accents.

Concrete and Crystal

Concrete is amazing in an industrial setting and mixing in a little bit of crystal is the perfect way to make it perfect for a wedding. Use concrete vases for floral arrangements, and place concrete candle holders on tables. Personalize concrete escort cards with etching, and you can even have a wedding cake that looks like concrete. Similarly, add accents by using crystal glasses for drinks and crystal lighting fixtures throughout the venue.

Art Deco

This 1920s theme is similar to the popular Great Gatsby wedding trend from a few years ago, but it is a simpler approach. The contemporary take on this trend still features glamor and opulence, but it is understated. This trend includes gold Atlas font on white paper for invitations and geometric shapes in the décor. For example: Use polished brass for candle holders and signage frames and incorporate strands of pearls and peacock feathers into floral arrangements. Choose art deco patterns for your linens and hire a jazz band for the reception.

Eclectic Vintage

An eclectic vintage theme is a perfect combination of whimsical and contemporary. Collect or borrow antiques like fine china and ornate furniture to use at the wedding. Place old-fashioned candlesticks and light fixtures at guest tables. Details like antique books, teacups, and luggage are beautiful decorations. Rent an antique car to transport you from the ceremony to the reception and then take you away when the festivities are over. Likewise, say your vows under an old garden archway or even an antique door at the altar.


Celebrate the beauty of plants by exchanging most of the flowers at your wedding for greenery. Line the aisle with potted plants and create a living wall as a backdrop for your ceremony. Use ivy or other trailing vines are gorgeous as centerpieces, especially in copper or gold pots. Choose a bouquet with beautiful foliage and just a few pink or white flowers. Use large ferns for drama, and include rectangular boxes filled with herbs on tables. Decorate chairs with wreaths or garlands, and women in the bridal party can wear sprigs of herbs or other plants in their hair. In addition, consider holding your wedding in a beautiful greenhouse.

An art gallery is an excellent choice for a contemporary wedding venue. Walls are typically a neutral color so the artwork stands out. This minimalist approach sets the stage for a modern and sophisticated event. The key to this theme is to refrain from excessive decoration. Keep everything sleek and simple. Stick with white or ivory for tableware, chairs, and any fabric you use. The art on the wall will serve as décor and guests' attention will be focused on that and your wedding party.


The sun, stars, and moon are romantic and mysterious, making them a wonderful theme for a wedding. Think about the sky as you plan your wedding. Use shades of blue from navy to light, and accent with silver. Use a crescent moon shape in your décor and try soft uplighting to bring drama to your ceremony. You can also use lighting to make the ceiling of your reception sparkle with stars. Give star charts as favors, and have your wedding party send you off with sparklers.

Boho Chic

A boho chic wedding combines a celebration of nature with an ethereal style. Use the beauty of the landscape as your décor, especially for a wedding being held outdoors. Outfit the ladies in your wedding with floral wreaths for their hair. Agate stones are pretty details and can be used as place cards, centerpieces, or table numbers. You can use natural materials like quartz or marble for tabletops and other surfaces. If you have Native American culture in your background, this is a great theme for incorporating those traditions.


Yes, you can use fruit as your wedding theme. Citrus fruits are beautiful and are a gorgeous theme for a summer wedding. The colors of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons can inspire your decorations. Bowls of citrus fruits are lovely as centerpieces, and the fruits can be used in floral arrangements as well. A potted orange tree or lemon tree is pretty at the alter and of course fresh citrus fruits are stunning as cake decorations. For refreshment, fill glass pitchers with water flavored by slices of fresh lemons and limes.


Geometric patterns immediately signal a contemporary wedding. Think about using 3-dimensional shapes in decorations like air plants or succulents inside clear, hexagonal containers hanging from the ceiling. Patterns on fabric will have sharp lines and repeated shapes. Say your vows in front of a large, metal hexagon wrapped in greenery and flowers. Honeycomb patterns fit well into this theme and can be used as a backdrop. While most of your lines will be straight, including a large circle at a focal point can be bold and dramatic.

Contemporary wedding themes tend to be sleek and elegant, and a minimalist style often proves that less is more when it comes to the perfect modern wedding. Industrial and natural backdrops provide just the right backdrop to plan a sophisticated event.

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