Beach Weddings Are Totally Overrated

beach weddings

The notion of getting married on the beach at sunset is very romantic and a lifetime dream of many brides. When they imagine their big moment walking down the aisle, many see it as a sandy aisle scattered with rose petals. But the reality is that beach weddings are totally overrated. When couples carefully consider the logistics of tying the knot on the sand, they realize it's not really what they want.Let's look at all the reasons why beach weddings are overrated and really not so wonderful.  

Cringy Wedding Photos

Even if you are married at sunset, your guests will probably be squinting. This doesn't look attractive in the photos. And you and your guests will probably cringe to see a photo of them half smiling and half frowning. Or they could put on sunglasses if it gets too bright. This means you can't see their eyes and the emotion on their faces. It can also look a little "Men in Black" at a wedding if too many guests wear dark shades.

It's Dirty and Not Comfortable

Sand is mud. This is the joke amongst wedding vendors who have to work at the beach. But seriously, sand is not comfortable. It get up into your shoes, rubs and causes blisters, and is dry and scratchy on the skin. If you have kids present then they will tend to get it all over them, which on turn gets all over the parents. It's messy and uncomfortable. 

High Heels Are a No-No

You can't wear high heels. For any bride who is a bit of a shorty this might be enough to discourage the idea of a toes in the sand wedding. You also have to let all your guests know their shoes options are limited to flats. 

It's Hot and Sweaty

It's hot and sweaty when you are out in the sun without any shelter from the sun. Those sandalwood fans that are handed out to wedding guests arriving at a beach wedding are more for photos than for cooling down. More pretty than practical, they also aren't popular with many guys. 

Nosy (Unintended) Wedding Crashers

Finally, if the above reasons are not enough then you might want to imagine the spectators in speedos. There will be nosy members of the public who happen to be on the beach and wander past to have a gawk at your wedding ceremony. They likely will be the worst kind of wedding crasher you can get. Not to mention the one who decides to take some photos or videos on their phone as you exchange rings and vows to the love of your life. It's socially awkward and also a photographer's nightmare when these unwanted and underdressed wedding crashers arrive on the scene.

A lovely alternative is to have a lawn wedding overlooking the ocean. That way you still see the gorgeous sea during the wedding ceremony and in the photos and video. After the ceremony while your guests stay on the lawn to sip cocktails, you and and bridal party can hop onto the beach for photos. Or another way is to have an ocean-views wedding high on a mountain or cliff face. You can see the ocean from a very dramatic location. It's not so easy to get beach photos, but maybe you will be happy with photos with the ocean in the background.

Or better yet you might want to get married in a garden, in a church or garden and then on another day do a trash the dress photo shoot on the beach. Then you can get the best of both worlds and wear your wedding dress twice.

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