Best Bridal Shower Activities

bridal shower activities

Throwing a wedding shower is a major undertaking since you also need to clean house, decorate, invite guests and provide food. For the bridal shower to be a hit, however, you also need to make sure everyone is entertained. Playing a few fun wedding shower games aids in creating memorable moments for the prospective bride and ensures that the guests have a great time. We've created a list of the best bridal shower activities that require little preparation, freeing you up to focus on all the other little details you need to organize before the shower date.

The Handbag Game

Prepare a list of things that might be in a handbag. Give each item a point value, with higher points for more uncommon things. Get everyone in the same room and explain the rules. When you say an item, anyone who has it should show the item to gain the points. An example list is:

ID Card - 5 points
Gloss - 5 points
Barette - 5 points
Pencil - 5 points
Ten dollar bill - 10 points
Nail clippers - 10 points
Pet photo - 10 points
Aspirin - 15 points
Needle and thread - 15 points
Roll of quarters - 20 points

Record the guests' points as you go so there isn't any confusion later, or have the guests keep their own tallies. The guest with the most points wins.


Wedding Dress Game

Ask the guests to form teams of two or three people then give each team 4 rolls of toilet paper and 10 paper clips. When the bride leaves the room, teams have 15 minutes to design a toilet paper wedding dress using only toilet paper and paper clips. After 15 minutes, the bride may return to the room and judge the dresses to determine the winning team.

Take lots of pictures during the game, as the bride and guests may wish to see them on Facebook or Instagram after the shower is over. The Wedding Dress Game is lots of fun and will have the bridal shower guests in stitches.

Bridal Knowledge

Before the shower, create a list of of questions about the bride-to-be and print copies for the guests. When the guests show up, hand them a list and a pencil to record their answers. Have them leave their completed lists in a specific place and grade the lists during the bridal shower. An example list may resemble:

What is Lana's favorite band?
Where was Lana born?
How long have Lana and Alex known each other?
Who is Lana's favorite family member?
Who is Lana's favorite character on friends?
What food does Lana hate most?
What is the name of Lana's dog?
Who was Lana's first boyfriend?
What does Lana put in her morning cup of joe?
What is Lana's favorite flower?

Make sure to have a few easy questions on the list, so everyone can at least get a few answers right. Also include a few unusual questions to make revealing the answers more enjoyable, and have the bride approve the final list before the shower so nothing is revealed that will embarrass her. During the shower, set aside some time to "reveal" the answers and announce a winner.

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