Wedding Trends for 2023

wedding trends for 2023 - micro weddings

COVID and the planning of weddings has dramatically changed in the last few years. From what we can see, it has shaped how we now plan and hold events. This new way of thinking has made us really reassess what is important and think about what truly matters on the big day. With this, there are also some surprising and delightful new trends that we are seeing in the wedding industry.


Mid-Week Weddings

Wedding expenses continue to rise and couples are always looking for ways to maximize and leverage their budget to the greatest of their ability.  The best way to maximize wedding budgets is to have your wedding on a weekday instead of a weekend. Talk to your wedding venue and price out the cost difference between these 2 options. 


COVID has seen a big rise in the amount of couples choosing to elope. Elopement is definitely an option for those couples that what a more private and intimate affair. Elopements are wonderful for those couples who really want to focus on the true meaning of the marriage and not so much the actual wedding day.

Non-Traditional Wedding Attire

There is no doubt there has been a gradual shift over the years for brides and grooms to move away from traditional wedding fashion. Brides are choosing to show their individuality and their personal flair through choosing to wear something to show off their own style. Traditional veils and styles are a thing of the past. Brides are mixing it up and making their mark with suits, pant suits, jumpsuits – whatever suits their fancy. 

Doing away with the bridal party

Again the trend toward simplification is being seen through many bride and grooms choosing to do away with the bridal party. Simplicity is key. Removing the need for the bridal party absolutely makes sense from a budget perspective. But it also allows the bride and groom to focus on what’s important to them. Many are opting to engage loved ones by having them do a reading or something else that is meaningful.

Sustainable and buying locally

Lastly the final trend not surprisingly is the importance brides and grooms are placing on need to buy and choose sustainable and local products where possible. This worldwide trend has filtered down to the wedding industry with many suppliers now offering this option.

This is just a few of the 2023 wedding trends that we're starting. We'll be sure to update this article as more trends arise.

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