What to Do If You Are Planning a Destination Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

planning destination wedding

You are planning a destination wedding and now Coronavirus, the worst-mannered wedding crasher in history, has arrived on the scene. So now what? Postpone, cancel, keep planning? Or just throw all your wedding decorations on the floor and open a bottle of wine?

Understandably, brides all over the globe who were at various stages of planning their destination weddings are very concerned. It's disappointing to know you might have a vacation put on hold indefinitely. And it's even more devastating to think your wedding might not happen as planned.

Before making the big decision on how to move forward, brides and grooms should consider the major factors.



One of the biggest wedding expenses for the couple and also the wedding guests is the flights. If you have booked and paid for your flight already, it's a good idea to check all the terms and conditions of your flight. Many airlines are offered complimentary date changes and also flight credits. If you haven't booked flights yet, it's advised to wait for now. But keep an eye on prices as there are also some great deals at the moment as airlines try to keep the cash flow going into the struggling industry. 

Accommodation, Venue and Vendors

If you have a wedding planner, ask them to send you a list of terms and conditions regarding refunds and date changes. If not, go through this with each booked and confirmed accommodation channel, venue and vendor. Then calculate how much money you would lose by cancelling the wedding and also if postponing the wedding.


Have an honest conversation with your guests, starting with closest friends and family. How are they feeling about the idea of overseas travel in the future? Will they still attend the wedding if borders reopen? Let them know you respect any decisions they make about attending the wedding. 

Peace of Mind

Most brides and grooms planning a destination wedding are fairly easygoing and chilled. You have to be to fly to a foreign country to get married. But if the possibilities of what will happen in the future is causing you stress and anxiety it might be better to take the option of having peace of mind and have a wedding at home.

Family Planning

A factor for some engaged couples is family planning. If you have plans to make a baby, then the clock is ticking, as parents love to playfully remind newlyweds during the wedding reception speeches. Talk about if you would put your family plans on hold or just go for it and deal with the timing later. If you do get to to the point of walking down the aisle and it's with a baby bump or maybe a little human in a diaper, it will be all the more joyful. 

After you talk through all these details with your partner, and maybe also with your family, you will slowly get a clearer view of how you might want to move forward.

The situation with Coronavirus is changing rapidly, so if you have time before making decisions, then don't hurry. It's an emotional decision that also has to be a rational and sensible one.

Don't stop planning your wedding completely. Instead, look for the joy in planning and carry on with details that you will need to take care of no matter where you get married. Read wedding blogs, shop for the dream bling shoes and take this quiet time to start working on your vows. Love will conquer all.

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