What to Wear to a Destination Wedding in the Tropics

destination wedding

What to wear to a wedding is always a dilemma. But when the nuptials are happening in a climate you are not living in, it's a whole new challenge. Read more about what to wear if you've been invited to attend a destination wedding in the tropics.


Ask the Bride

Destination weddings are usually in hot and tropical places.People who decide to fly abroad to get married are generally creative and expressive personalities. And the wording on their wedding invitations is bound to match these traits. You could be wondering what do you have in your wardrobe that fits the description of tropical chic, semi-casual stylish, resort fashion or beach vibe glam. Your sudden confusion is justified because these cool wedding dress code terms are broad and can be interpreted in many ways. Being overdressed is as terrible as being under dressed. There is a fine line when you are at a summertime wedding ceremony and reception.

Start by asking the bride what she imagines people will wear to the wedding. Pass any valuable info she shares to any other guests you are in contact with. 

Dresses are perfect for weddings outdoors on a lawn or beach. A skirt with a nice top is also a pretty option. Strapless dresses can look quite expensive, but make sure you don't have tan lines, or even worse, a sunburn before the big day. Long dresses and skirts that are breezy and loose are elegant and don't show off too much when you hit the dance floor in the evening. 

Appropriate Footwear

Sandals can looks pretty and fancy but flip flops are rarely good enough. Don't be the guest who tried to wear heels on the beach. Even wedges, although easier than heels, still take some serious model skills to walk in with grace and elegance. Ending up with your bum in the sand, and a hot mess on the beach is not worth it just to get some height from your footwear.

For Men

Men should always wear collared shirts and linen always looks smart and expensive. Cotton is another great choice and you can't go wrong with a classic white shirt. Also, you can wear it again all summer long. Long pants are safest but sometimes shorts can be acceptable. If unsure check with the couple on their expectations. 

Outfit Changes

If you are staying at a resort, which is often the case for a destination wedding, you could have the option of changing to a new outfit for the dinner and dancing part of the wedding. Then you can go for something more casual for the ceremony and more dressed-up for the evening. Or formal for the ceremony, especially if it's religious, and more of a party vibe for nighttime. 

Other Suggestions

Solid colors look modern and fresh and don't date quickly. Avoid patterns, prints and logos if possible. Pick clothing you are comfortable in. And wear your smile. It's the best accessory you have!

Go Shopping

You might have a suitable outfit already hanging in your wardrobe for the destination wedding you've been invited to. If not you are about to have little shopping trip to find the right outfit for the wedding of the year. Maybe a new bikini is needed too.

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