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Box 4 - Wedding Day 101
Rebecca Fallowfield
Such a Cute Surprise!

This was the latest box sent to me from a friend. I’m just about a month before my wedding and just this week, I was thinking of getting some last minute small things that I’d need for the wedding day. They came in the box! I wanted sparkly hairpins anyway, the ring pillow and vow books I’ll need for the ceremony and I was going to buy blotter papers too! Everything is super cute!

Great stuff from Mrs at Last!

I couldn't wait for my first box to arrive and I started tracking it as soon as I had the shipping details. Love wearing my engaged hat and using everything else that came in Box 1!

Love my box!

I'm so excited to get these boxes. They help me get excited for my wedding that will be later this year.

Sister loved it!

She was so excited to see everything that was inside the box. Can't wait for the rest and for her to tell me all about it.

So fabulous for brides to be!

My first box was so enjoyable to open. I felt special and it really got me excited to countdown the days until my wedding in the summer!

Huge Success

First box was a huge success. My daughter got it right after she got home from vacation and she was so surprised!

Countdown is on

I just got Box 2 and in it was the cutest countdown calendar. 92 days and counting. So fun

Great decision

I'm so happy we surprised my daghter with a set of these boxes. She loves it!

So happy with these

Loved my boxes so far and can't wait to get the rest

Loved it

Really excited to see what other boxes are coming next. Absolutely loved everything so far.

So fun!

Items are really good quality. I like how everything is made for the company. That means you can't find them anywhere else.

Loving the boxes!

Wonderful boxes with really high quality stuff for the price you pay.


Products are amazing! I'm 4 of 6 boxes opened so far. Can't wait to get the rest.

I Love It!

I was only going to buy one box to try it out, but I ended up getting the 3 box set instead. I might actually cave and extend to the 6 box set too!


Such a great surprise and I'm excited to receive the next box. Loved everything so far!

First bridal box

So excited to get the first box. All the products are super useful and the outer packaging was gorgeous too!


Got a 4 box (if I remember correctly) plan for my wedding that was in August 2022 and enjoyed getting them in the mail bi-weekly. I was a bit underwhelmed by the first box, but the last 3 proved to be useful. The customer serivce is also great and I like that it's a small business. They accidently sent me a repeat box, but when I told them they immediately sent the correct one and let me keep the one they accidentally sent. My main complaint is that the hot got glitter everywhere ha ha.

She was surprised and loves it

I sent this to my friend's daughter who got engaged on New Year's Eve. She was so surprised and she loves all girly types of things!

Gifted this amazing box

Love this awesome set of Mrs At Last boxes that I was sent from my future mother in law. Can't wait to see the rest and happyu

Never seen anything like this before

Beautiful subscription box. Didn't even know this existed until I got my first box from my cousin. So adorable and will absolutely put everything to good use!

Pleasant Surprise

My mom showed up with a box earlier this week. So fun! I don't know how many more I'm getting but I can't wait!

Boxes arriving up until my wedding!

I'm getting married in a year and I'm so excited to have signed up for these boxes. 1 box every 2 months for the next year until I get married!

Box of awesomeness

I thought my first Mrs at Last box was awesome! Full of engagement goodies to celebrate my new status!

First Box

I'll put everything to use. Nice box and I'm enjoying it so far.

Can't wait for more

I ordered the full 6 box set. Can't wait for the other 5 to arrive!

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