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We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. Brides chose these items FOR brides. We know these gifts are fun and useful for brides planning a wedding!

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Live nearby? Have the boxes shipped to you and deliver this thoughtful gift personally. Or, we happily ship to their door every month… for free!

In the Wedding Party?

Mrs... At Last! Engagement Subscription Boxes are the most thoughtful gesture - have the whole gang chip in for a subscription! She will appreciate you more every month.

Help Them Celebrate the Engagement Journey

Wedding planning can be stressful! Each time a box arrives, it will be a breath of fresh air and a reminder that they should slow down and enjoy the planning journey. These boxes remind your friend or family member that celebrating their engagement is allowed (and encouraged) up until their Big Day!

What’s in the Boxes?

The bridal boxes will be customized to where they are on the wedding journey - from their engagement to their wedding day. We’re so much more than a generic “bridal box” subscription... Each item is chosen with care by a company that cares. Check out the boxes here!

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We don’t believe in bad breakups. Contact us and let us know why it’s not working. And we’ll either make it right or we'll wish you all the best and cancel the subscription.

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