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Mrs… At Last!™ Money-Making Affiliate Program

Want to help soon-to-be brides in the most impactful way possible and earn income while doing so? Welcome to the Mrs… At Last!™ Money-Making Affiliate Program! Anytime a customer purchases a qualifying product, we'll reward you with a commission. Great way for content creators, publishers and bloggers to monetize their traffic; wedding vendors and brides can earn income by leveraging their network.

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Are you in love with all things related to the wedding industry? If yes, join the growing number of affiliates who are passionate about the wedding industry and earning money with the Mrs… At Last!™ Money-Making Affiliate Program. Get your network excited about Mrs… At Last!™ products. We'll provide you with your own affiliate link and custom coupon code to make it easy! Every time a customer purchases a qualify product, you'll earn up to 20% in associate commissions. Our competitive commission rates are higher that the average rate of 10% for most products.



  • How does the Mrs… At Last!™ Money-Making Affiliate Program work?
    • You share our products with your network using the individual affiliate link and custom coupon code that we'll provide to you. When customers purchase qualifying products, you'll earn commission!
  • How do I earn commission in this program?
    • Once customers use your individual affiliate link and / or custom coupon code, we track back that purchase to you. Once we get paid, you'll get paid too! And don't worry, our cookie life is set at 30 days so even if your customer visits our website and doesn't complete their order right away, you'll still get that commission if they come back within 30 days.
  • How much commission can I expect to make?
    • Our standard affiliate program pays 15% commission for qualifying purchases1.
  • Am I eligible for the Mrs… At Last!™ Money-Making Affiliate Program?
    • All sorts of people can participate in this program, not just content creators, publishers or bloggers. Are you an influencer with a sizable following of soon-to-be brides or bridal party members? Perhaps you're a wedding venue, photographer, makeup artist or hairstylist and your clients are brides-to-be?
  • How do I sign up as an affiliate?
    • Apply as an affiliate by signing up here. We'll ask you a few questions to determine suitability and then we'll get you onboarded!

1Definition of qualifying productis a subscription of 3 or boxes shipped bi-weekly, monthly or every 2 months. Any purchases paid upfront, i.e. Gift Upfront of 3, 4, 5, or 6 boxes bi-weekly, monthly or every 2 months does not qualify as these products are offered at an additional discounted price.

We're always looking for new affiliates so if you love our products and want to spread joy to future brides, come join the Mrs… At Last!™ Money-Making Affiliate Program today!

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