Getting engaged is a really special and important part of your life. However, we think that too often people are so focused on the wedding that they forget to celebrate this important time.

We’re here to remind you to celebrate

That’s our mission - to remind you that even during one of the most topsy-turvy, exciting, and stressful times of your life, you need to celebrate you and your love story. We'll send you thoughtfully curated items to remind you of that!

These items were chosen by brides for brides. We had three criteria when we set out to choose items for our wedding subscription boxes.

1. Cute AND Useful

Fun and quirky have their place, but we also know the average age of our brides is 28. We chose items that we knew you would use, love, and might never have thought to buy for yourself (because those are the best gifts!)

2. A Bit of Pampering

Did you know that many people rate wedding planning as one of the most stressful times of their lives? We've felt that ourselves and we know that a little extra love and support right now is what you need. We’ve chosen items that will get you to pause and take the time you need to recenter and find balance again.

3. Help You Celebrate and Remember

This is a big one. When you are walking down the aisle and the deed is done, wedding planning will be a blur. We wanted to include thoughtful and useful items that prompt you to remember how awesome this time was. We want these items to make you smile!