Box 2 - Putting Pen to Paper

That dream wedding isn’t going to plan itself! These items will make it fun and help you get started with your planning journey!

This planning bundle bridal box includes 10 full-sized items that will take you from engagement to the Big Day!


  • Whimsical Countdown Calendar. We’ll help you countdown the days!
  • 2 Sets of Page Markers (6 pieces per set).  Mark important things for later!
  • White Wedding Journal.  To document the story of your wedding journey.
  • Sparkly Diamond Pen.  Because when life is sparkly, it deserves a great pen.
  • Cute Wedding-Themed Stickers (Pack of 3).  Great for journaling.
  • Metal Heart-Shaped Bookmark.  Keep track of your spot.
  • Pocket-Sized Squeeze Ball.  Release that energy and relax.
  • Luxurious Satin Sleep Mask.  Get your beauty sleep in style.


These items will be useful in planning the wedding of your dreams. Use them for years to come to bring a smile!


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