Bridal Party Sashes Set for Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower


Top Reasons Why Our Bridal Shower Sash Set Is Loved by Amazon Customers!

  • #1: Thoughtful Bride Gifts - You've already told her that you'll stand by her during the ceremony. Get these beautiful bride accessories and publicly tell the world during her bachelorette party, bridal shower or wedding shower that you're 100 % Team Bride!
  • #2: Allows for Customization - Other bachelorette sash sets come with too much extra stuff like sunglasses, a headband, bride bags, decorations and other party favors. You might not want to buy an entire gift pack, so this allows you to pick and choose what's best. Add on other accessories or just keep things simple and just wear these sashes that will go with any outfit when you're enjoying a night out!
  • #3: Cute and Simple, Yet Stylish and Classy - The maid of honor and all the bride's besties will appreciate wearing these quality-made sashes in a trendy rose gold / blush pink color. Don't forget to pack these essential bride bachelorette accessories when you celebrate the bride! Great for a Vegas trip or any weekend getaway!
  • #4: Well-Designed With Every Body in Mind - Unlike other cheaply made sets with trashy sayings on the bride sash, our sashes will accommodate most body types. The angled sash design ensures that it will stay on your shoulder. There's no need to use extra pins; one size fits most. Steam before wear for the most beautiful look.
  • #5: Bride Kit of 7 Sashes - Unlike smaller sets, our sash set includes 1 white sash for the bride-to-be and 6 sashes for the bride's besties. Not enough for the bachelorette party? Buy a second set at a discount and invite more girls to join Team Bride!
  • #6: 100% Guarantee - If you're not satisfied with our product and you're looking for something else, we stand by our promise to refund back your money with our no-hassle policy.

The bride deserves the gift of memories. Order this beautiful sash set today and remind her of your commitment to be Team Bride!