Gift Upfront - Set of 6 Boxes Bi-WEEKLY

$205.00 $228.00

SPECIAL OFFER! Pay upfront for all the boxes now and save an additional 10%, compared to the cost of being charged when each box gets shipped.


Splurge on this set of 6 wedding-themed boxes if the wedding is just 3 or 4 months away!


Box Themes Include:

  • I Said "Yes"!
  • Putting Pen to Paper
  • Bride… At Last!
  • Wedding Day 101
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Bye Bye Bachelorette

One box will be sent every 14 days and you will be billed separately for each box. Save the most (20%) with this 6-box set and pay only $38 for each box, compared to the cost of buying one individual box at $48 USD.


Get excited about the upcoming wedding and give the gift of memories!