Set of 10 LED Diamond Light Up Rings

  • Long Lasting - Unlike other LED light up rings, ours will last well after the party has ended! 
  •  One Size Fits Many - Adjustable ring should fit multiple fingers for both kids and adults. 
  • Eye-Catching - Get this popular party favor so that you'll stand out from all the others!
  • Easy Operation - Smooth button allows you to turn on the rotating LED lights when you want. 
  • Substantial Size - Large LED diamond will get you noticed when you're out on the town!

Frequently Asked Questions - Mrs At Last! Set of 10 Diamond LED Light Up Rings

Q: How long will these rings last? I've heard that most don't work or they'll stop working after 30 minutes?
A: We've tested these rings and at they were still going strong after 6 hours. They'll be like the Energizer Bunny that just keeps going and going... You'll never lose sight of your friends when you're out!

Q: Do these turn different colors?
A: Each LED ring is programmed with 3 different colors that rotate when turned on - red, blue and green. So much better than glow sticks... You'll be sure to stand out in a crowd!

Q: How do you turn the LED lights on?
A: There is a smooth, round button your press just underneath the diamond LED light to turn it on and off. Our quality control process ensures that there are no sharp edges.

Q: Which finger should I wear this on?
A: The choice is yours! Because this LED ring has an open shank so that it's adjustable, the best fit can be achieved by choosing a finger that does not cause a gap in the ring shank. Otherwise, you can also attach this to a necklace, belt loop, watch strap, purse strap, hairband / hair elastic, buttonhole... The options are endless!

Q: What is the overall size of the diamond? Is it heavy and awkward to wear?
A: The LED diamond is an eye-catching size, measuring approximately 1 inch high x 1.5 inches wide. It is made of durable plastic so it is not heavy at all.

Q: Do I have to use this for a bachelorette party? What else can I use it for?
A: This fun item can be used for more than just a bachelorette party. Get it for birthday party favors, bridal shower decorations, engagement party decorations, concert nights, 80s / 90s party decorations, carnivals, festivals. Let your imagination run wild!

Q: What happens if I'm just unlucky and I get the set of diamond LED rings that don't work?
A: We stand behind our products. If you get the dud in your ring set, be sure to let us know and we'll send you a replacement set.