21 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

thoughtful wedding gifts

If your friend, family member or even a co-worker invites you to their wedding, you'll want to make sure that the gift you bring is a fitting way to congratulate them on such a momentous occasion. In many cases, the couple to be wed will have a wedding registry online with a list of items that they would like. If they don't, then you'll want to choose thoughtful wedding gifts that are not only personal but also useful. 

Many newlywed couples will be moving in with each other for the first time or will be looking to move into a new home. That means there will be all kinds of household items they could use. The following are 21 thoughtful wedding gifts to help you find a lovely wedding gift that's both personal and useful.

1. A set of cookbooks

Encourage married couples to cook together by finding a collection of cookbooks that are easy for beginners to follow. If either of them has experience in the kitchen, you could always look for a cookbook that's more focused on a niche cuisine, such as Southern cooking. 

2. A food basket

If you're unsure of what they need in the kitchen, which can be difficult to figure out if they already live together, then you can't go wrong with a gourmet food basket, especially if you know them to be foodies.  

3. A spice set

A married couple cohabitating for the first time will need to stock their kitchen pantry, especially if either of them enjoys cooking. Gifting a spice set will help to get them started by providing all the essential spices they'll need. 

4. Matching bathrobes

People don't realize that bathrobes are essential until they've had one. There's nothing quite like lounging around in a robe on a lazy weekend morning. Give the married couple a pair of matching bathrobes that have their monograms emblazoned on the front.

5. A set of champagne glasses

Giving a set of champagne glasses is a must for the many special occasions that the couple will be celebrating together, from holidays and birthdays to job promotions and more. 

6. A programmable coffeemaker

A programmable coffeemaker is excellent because there will be hot coffee waiting for both bride and groom whenever they wake up. 

7. A decanter and glass set

A decanter and glass set can be used for all kinds of beverages, from whiskey to lemonade, and is particularly useful for serving guests. 

8. A wall clock

A wall clock can be put up anywhere in the home, which means you don't have to worry if they already have one; they can just put it in another room. An attractive wall clock can also complement the decor of their home. 

9. Fancy picture frames

A couple of beautiful frames, whether they are meant to be hung on the wall or set up on a flat surface, will allow the married couple to display their favorite wedding photos in style. 

10. An engraved cutting board

An engraved cutting board is an excellent way to provide something functional for their kitchen while still adding a personal touch. You can etch anything you want, from the date of their wedding to their names. 

11. Pots and pans

Younger married couples who are moving in together for the first time may not have a lot of kitchen items. A set of sturdy pots and pans will be incredibly helpful to them. 

12. Silverware 

Like pots and pans, silver is a great gift for newlywed couples who haven't had a chance to collect a lot of high-quality utensils yet. 

13. A hammock

For couples who have a yard or who enjoy exploring the outdoors, a hammock is a great gift that will get a lot of use. 

14. Salt and pepper shakers

There are some stylish salt and pepper shakers out there that make for a unique gift, especially if the married couple has a very basic salt and pepper shaker set sitting in their kitchen. 

15. A blender

A blender will open up a whole avenue of opportunities when it comes to cooking and making beverages, especially smoothies or margaritas. 

16. A juicer

A juicer could help to promote a healthier lifestyle, which all couples will be grateful for, especially once they begin making their own freshly squeezed juices.  

17. A bakeware set

Bakeware is another set of kitchen items that couples who are just moving in together will much appreciate. Look for an assortment that includes baking pans, bread pans, and cupcake pans. 

18. Personalized aprons

If you know that the couple enjoys cooking or baking, then buy them a pair of aprons that are personalized with their names or with something witty, like "Mrs. Chef and Mr. Chef" or "Head Chef and Assistant." 

19. Gifting a high-end spa massage

Weddings can be incredibly stressful. Treating your friend or family member to a full massage session at some point after the wedding will be a welcome treat and a thoughtful gesture. 

20. Luggage

If the couple is planning to travel on their honeymoon, pick up some high-quality luggage items that they can use. 

21. Gift card for honeymoon location

Weddings and honeymoons can be expensive, which is why a gift card to a nice restaurant in the area the couple will be honeymooning will not only be a thoughtful gift, but also an excellent way for them to save some money while on their honeymoon. 

Finding the perfect wedding gift for your soon-to-be-married friend or family member can be a real challenge. Hopefully these 21 ideas of thoughtful wedding gifts serve as inspiration to you! Also, you may want to read Choosing a Memorable Wedding Gift - Gifts That Will Last. After all, it's about the thought that counts, right?


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