Wedding Dress Alterations - Making Sure Your Dress is as Perfect a Fit as Your Groom

wedding dress alterations

For a big day look that fits like a dream, start with a wedding dress in the right size for you and then find expert tailors and alteration specialists work their magic. However, are you not sure where to begin or how to go about the perfect dress fitting and alteration work? We've got you covered. Here's a quick primer on wedding dress alteration 101.


Can a Wedding Dress Be Personalized?

Absolutely! A good tailor can make magic happen. Along with adjusting for fit and length, a qualified tailor can turn your off the rack gown into a one of a kind, personalized creation. Convert a strapless gown by adding cap, short, or long sleeves. In addition, you can also swap out a zipper closure for a corset back that laces up for a more romantic, dreamy look. This option will give you some extra breathing room. You can even play with train lengths and bustles for the look you've always dreamed of in a wedding dress. Remember, alterations are about a whole lot more than just fixing ripped hems. 

Scheduling and Timing Your Wedding Dress Alterations

It's recommended that you make the appointment for your first fitting as soon as you buy your wedding dress. Alteration specialists will then be able to create a personalized timeline for your needs. They'll take into consideration the work you want done and the date of your event. Similarly, keep in mind that you should allow about a month between your initial fitting and the final pickup fitting.

What to Bring to a Fitting Appointment

To ensure an ideal (and consistent) fit, you'll want to bring the shapewear, shoes, and lingerie you plan to wear with your dress with you to every fitting. The right foundation garments can drastically change the way a dress looks on your body, before altering a single stitch!

Something else to bring? Invite a trusted friend or family member or two. For instance, should your wedding gown have a long train, you may need your maid of honor at the final fitting. She'll want to be comfortable and get some practice on how to handle and maneuver it around on the big day. 

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