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Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, the main characters in L.M. Montgomery'sAnne of Green Gables series, enjoyed one of the most famous romances in literature. They finally married in a simple Edwardian wedding at the old farmhouse of Green Gables. If you love Anne and the Edwardian era, why not consider an Anne of Green Gables themed wedding?Arrange every aspect of the wedding, including the setting, the dress, and the food, around the theme. Writing a list of ideas, or keeping a scrapbook of pictures of Edwardian and Anne of Green Gables themed weddings, are some suggestions. Placing inspirational pictures on a storyboard which sets out exactly how you want the wedding to look also helps.


The Setting

Anne marries Gilbert in an autumn wedding, beautifully described by L.M. Montgomery inAnne's House of Dreams. [1] In this book, the happy young bride walks down the old stairs of Green Gables with her arms full of roses, to see Gilbert gazing at her adoringly. Anne and Gilbert say their vows in the orchard of Green Gables to the accompaniment of birdsong.

Ideally, a wedding with this theme should be held in the country in autumn, like Anne's. However, large flower-filled gardens and parklands also make appealing settings. There are usually several wedding venues in most towns, so ring them, or study their websites to see what facilities they offer.

Choosing the Dress

In the TV series about Anne, she marries in "Anne: The Continuing Story" (2000), wearing a long white dress with a square neckline and transparent sleeves. Her feminine, wavy hairstyle sets off her long veil.  Why not study this look, and adapt it to suit you?

Romantic and flowing, Edwardian wedding dresses frequently featured intricate lace, high necks, and long sleeves. Vintage retailers that sell these stunning original wedding dresses are difficult to find, unfortunately, and the dresses are likely to be extremely fragile, so they often need to be restored.  It is probably best to find a store which specializes in Edwardian-style wedding dresses, or a dressmaker who will make the dress to your specifications.

Selecting the Food

Food and drink mentioned in the series include raspberry cordial and vanilla layer cake. Anne incurred famous misadventures with these items - she drank alcohol thinking that it was cordial, and she accidentally put liniment into the cake!  These recipes are suitable for afternoon receptions. Marilla's delicious plum puffs are another suggestion.

Recipes inspired by the series abound on the Internet, including videos with step-by-step guidelines. There are also cookbooks devoted to foods mentioned in the books. Look at these for more ideas for your reception.

These are some recommendations for your own Anne of Green Gables wedding, but you can easily find several others. Read the books again, or watch the series to find more inspiration. Start organizing your stunning wedding today!

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