The Beauty of a Wedding at a Botanical Garden

botanical garden wedding

Birdsong, flowers in bloom, the golden light of the sun, a garden is the perfect setting for a wedding. There’s something magical about saying your vows surrounded by the beauty of nature. It conjures up fairy tale princesses and knights in shining armor.  But, what if you don’t have a garden of your own? The answer still may be in your own backyard - the botanical garden.


Highly Available

Most cities have some form of a botanical garden. Sometimes, these gardens can be found on a community college or a sprawling estate. In any case, botanical gardens invite the public to visit and enjoy their unique array of native and exotic plants. Meticulously tended by master gardeners, your local botanical garden offers many advantages as a venue for your wedding.  Of course, the most obvious advantage is the outside “décor” offered by the hundreds of blooming plants and existing greenery. Many botanical gardens include separate gardens within their grounds, highlighting a species of plant (e.g., rose gardens) or a plant habitat (e.g., oriental garden) which can influence your wedding theme. Some botanical gardens also have a gazebo or atrium that could add a touch of intimacy to your wedding.

Built-In Wedding Theme

Using the garden as a theme for your wedding becomes easier if you choose to exchange your vows in a botanical garden. From pinks, fuchsias, and lavenders, to every shade of green imaginable, you can take your cue from nature and use the colors of the garden in your wedding scheme.  One creative touch is using “seed paper” for your wedding stationary. This paper is imbedded with flower seeds, allowing the receiver to plant the paper and enjoy their own piece of your wedding garden. Terra cotta pots, metal planters, and garden statuary can also be used to mark the aisle and enhance the garden feeling. If you hold your reception at the botanical garden, table decorations could include tiny terrariums tucked inside small glass bottles or jars. Wedding favors could include “Forget-Me-Not” seed packets. 

The botanical garden is a highlight in many towns and cities. It offers your guests a unique place to visit as well as to come celebrate your special day. After all, didn’t Adam and Eve get their start in a garden?

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